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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas #1 - Byford

This past weekend was jammed packed with 2 family Christmas'.... plus an ER visit for Hadlea that we weren't counting on! Boo! We will get to that on the next post!
On Saturday, my mom's side of the family got together at my mom and dad's in Medford. We ate ALOT of food, opened presents, played, and made ornaments. We had so much fun! The kids were hilarious, and Hadlea LOVED playing with her cousins! Meet the Byford / Kilian / Huskey / Caffey / Zimmerman family! :)
Top: My mom, my dad, brother Alan, cousin's son Zac, Uncle Bill or Uncle Bimpsie, Aunt Becky or Auntie B, cousin Michele, her husband, Aaron and my brother Jake.
Bottom: SIL Amanda or Auntie A, cousin's daughter Anna Grace, Grandad, Gigi, cousin's son Harvey, Justin, Hadlea and I.
G&G and the greats!
G&G, the grands and greats!
Just the grands and greats!
My brother Alan, husband Justin, brother Jake, SIL Amanda, Hadlea and I
My family!
Grampie, Hadlea and Grammie
The Zimmerman Family!
Zimmerman / Caffey family!
Zac and I playing on the iPad.
Auntie A, Had and I.
Auntie A is a Kansas University fan, and Harvey is a Kansas State fan! He wanted to give KU a thumbs down! :)
Present time!
The kids got pillow pets... Anna and H got lady bugs. Harvey and Zac got puppies!
Hadlea got a stroller and a new baby! Obviously she LOVED them both! :)
All of the kids got matching pj's from Grandad and Gigi too! The girls got angels and the boys sports!
The sweet girls with their lady bugs!
The four greats in their pjs and with their pets!
Happy girl in her stroller!
Love the back of the pjs!
And then all of the sudden... we thought we heard some bells... like maybe from Santa's sleigh! Could it be?! Anna is explaining to Hadlea! :)
And guess who walked in!
Someone was a little unsure! :)
Santa and Anna Grace!
Daddy came to the rescue for some comfort!
Santa and Harvey Dean!
Santa and Zac!
The Zimmerman kids and Santa!
Now Hadlea's turn with some help from Auntie A!
and now solo! Not too bad!
all the kiddos and Santa!
And we couldn't leave out Berkley... although he wasn't so sure either!
Grammie and Hadlea with Santa!
Auntie A and Uncle Alan with Santa!
Our first family of 3! Hadlea was already asleep by this time!
The Zimmerman family!
Jake and Santa!
Doesn't Jake look amazing after his surgery!? This was the first time we had seen him since having his splint off. I could have cried tears of pure joy! He looked amazing! There is still alot of swelling, but it will look perfect once it is gone. And he is happy with it... which is all that matters!
Gdad and Gigi with Santa!
Auntie B and Uncle Bimpsie with Santa!
Harvey, Alan, Anna and Amanda
And sweet Zac in H's stroller! (Sorry Michele, I had to post! Don't show Aaron! :)
Ornament competition between Amanda and I! I smoked her! Ha! :)
The boys playing football outside!
We had THE best day! I just wished we all lived closer and could get together more often! I look up to my cousin Michele more than she will ever know! She is one of the most caring people I have ever met and always gives the best advice! I know I can always count on her! And Hadlea can always count on everyone to give the best gifts! :)
After everyone left, we made it to church that evening and then waited for Hadlea's best friend Ady to come over! I will post more about their visit tomorrow... She had obviously missed her and about smothered her with hugs and kisses! :)


Erin said...

look at all those goodies!! Looks like a lot of fun and love all the pictures :)

will be waiting to hear about the ER visit!

shan said...

What a good lookin family :) Complete with Santa, that makes me smile.

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