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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ady & Christmas #2 - Kilian

So as I was saying yesterday, we got a visit from Hadlea's best friend Ady on Saturday evening while at my parents! We talk about Ady alot, but I am sure she doesn't relate, however, I know Ady talks alot about Hadlea and even has some dolls named Hadlea... and even a dog named Berkley! Ha! No doubt these girls will be the best of friends... and she will always have a playmate when she goes to stay with Grammie and Grampie... even if she is 12 by the times she gets to go stay the night alone! (only kidding G&G!)
Ady had her own little live doll... and H had no complaints! You could push her in a doll stroller all day! Maybe I should get one for the mall... it might be hard to push, but maybe she wouldn't fuss about getting out! :)
Both girls got in some play time with Justin!
Grampie got out the back massager and these girls LOVED it! Hadlea would just giggle like nothing else!
Ady's turn! Ady also gave Grampie Steve a massage! It was priceless!
Ady brought Hadlea a new baby for her birthday! She was just too sweet to remember Hadlea! It came with a blanket and we have played peek-a-boo under it no less than 100 times! :) Thanks so much for coming to visit Ady! We hope we get to see you before your baby brother, Logan, arrives! If not, we will make it to see you both once he gets here! We love you so much!
H eating ice with Grampie! This is 'their' thing!
And now to the ER visit that I mentioned yesterday! {sad face here!} Saturday evening, I think Hadlea went down around 9PM. Justin followed shortly and I went down around 11PM. Just as I dosed off to sleep, she woke SCREAMING. I jumped to pick her up (she was a in a pack and play next to our bed), she was chewing on her fingers. I assumed it was her teeth... she has 3 new ones coming in! I gave her some medicine thinking within 30-45 minutes she will be fine and back asleep... NOPE! After an hour of straight screaming in which she wouldn't take a bottle or pacifier, she didn't want to sit or stand, we decided to head to the ER. She had begun to pull at her ear, which we assumed an ear infection. She also seemed to be having tummy troubles, but we knew there wasn't too much they could do for that! Look at this sad face...
But DO NOT let it fool you! She was happy as could be at 3AM in the morning... jumping on the bed, growling at her dad, laughing, clapping for herself... you would have thought she was putting on some type of show!! ... which none of us were buying tickets for at 3AM! :) Anyway, we seen the dr, it was an ear infection so we got some meds, had them filled and got home around 4AM. She went to sleep about 330 on the way home... her and daddy slept in until Noon the next day so we missed lunch at the Kilian Christmas, my dad's side, but we did made it up to open presents and take pictures!
Our family minus Jake with my dad's parents!
4 generations!
SOME of the great grand babies and mommas!
SOME of the grandkids and more greats!
This is not even half!
Guess who showed again!? I guess Santa was spending ALOT of time in Medford this weekend! :) H wasn't having it this time though!
Santa and Sharon! This is my uncle's girlfriend and she came to Hadlea's party, but we didn't get a picture of her! So Santa insisted she have one and make the blog! :)
Auntie A, Had and Uncle Alan
Super sleepy girl getting some comfort from Auntie A!
Our family!
Our ride home... This was my view! :) Berk took over the pillow pet on top of a bag!
Once we got home and H had a nap, she was SUPER happy! And this outfit... Is it not AMAZING?! I TRIED and TRIED to get a better picture, but she was not having the 'stand still in from of the tree'!! I found these tights at a boutique here in town and I HAD to have them!! I ordered the dress off of an etsy site and she had THE PERFECT fabric to match! I think I will put her in this thing every other day through Christmas because I LOVE it THAT much! :)
I got this picture about 100 times! :)
I am off of work through the rest of the year! YEAH! I think I get close to 20 days off! I am so happy to spend these days with my baby girl! We have done ALOT of the following... pushing babies in a stroller...
 putting things in out and out her 'purse' and carrying in around...
 riding her scooter... which I tied her dog behind and she thought it was THE funniest...
 then she decided he needed to ride on the scooter, backwards and smash him...
 he didn't seen to mind! :)
 Last night before bed we dressed her in some new pjs... monkeys, what else!?
 and played more with our babies!
And then she decided it was night, night time and laid down... covering up with her brother's blanky which he didn't like! :)
Hope everyone is enjoying their vacation and/or time with family! H and I are off to do some shopping and pick up groceries! We have dinner with friends tonight and Justin's families Christmas tomorrow! I CANNOT wait to give me niece and nephew their presents! :)


The Undomestic Mom said...

could she be any cuter?! I am in love with her sassy little Christmas outfit1

Jenn said...

Great pictures!! Hope she had a great Christmas!

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