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Thursday, November 04, 2010

update, bath & more shoes

Hadlea had another great day at daycare! I think she is adjusting very well! If her teeth would all go ahead and come in and stop causing her so much pain, I think she would be that much better! Hadlea was in a great mood tonight and I think she looks adorable in red! :)
 But she soon needed to lay down and rest from all of the excitement! ha!
 But within seconds, daddy was coming around the corner, and she thinks he is REALLY funny!
 She is just a happy, happy girl these days!
 She is LOVING bath time and being in the bigger bathtub.
 I took these with a new app on my phone...
 And again, daddy coming around the corner! Silly daddy....
And we decided it was time for some walking shoes. These are the Pickle brand and they squeak. She cannot walk in them yet, but she knows if she hits them they make noise... so she goes around kicking her feet on the ground and laughing!
Tomorrow is Friday and I am SO ready for a break from work! Grammie is coming into town tomorrow and daddy is fishing! Hopefully we will make some final touches on the BIG 1st Birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

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