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Monday, November 15, 2010

smash cake sneak peek and friends

So... remember when I said I wasn't going to share 1st birthday pictures because I was using them for invites, well... I have posted this and removed it 100 times and I thought... what the heck... we have all seen a baby covered in cake before! :) But, everyone NEEDS to the see the cutest little baby covered in cake! Ha! Just Kidding... maybe!? :) Since I am not using this picture, I decided to share. I CANNOT wait to post the rest. I am so proud of the pictures I took, but I am VERY impatiently waiting to see the ones we took with our photographer. I do not know which is worse... the wait of seeing your pictures or getting to see one and not the rest! Ha! I received one sneak peek picture, and it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen! So now I am DYING to see the rest. Until then... I will continue to look at her smash cake pictures which I am drooling over... isn't she the most precious thing EVER!? (biased, i know!)
The rest of our weekend was GREAT! Hadlea was perfect taking pictures... for the photographer and for me! We did alot of playing around the house with Grammie. Daddy didn't come home with the big check from fishing, but that is okay... we let him come home anyway! :) Kidding!
Tonight, we had our friends G, Taran and Trevin over. T-man can now say Hadlea and it is the cutest thing EVER! They play so well together!
Trevin pulled Hadlea around in the basket like he did here. Although, he had a little tougher time. We got in some good laughs on what he was thinking... like, "girl, you have gained some weight! maybe you should slow down on those cookies!" :)
They had a few wrestling matches! I kept missing them, but Hadlea was on top of him here! They just push each other over and then laugh. They cracked us up all night! At one point, Hadlea would crawl towards him and then would head-butt him. They would both laugh. So later, T got the shopping cart and rammed her. She didn't think it was funny! :)
 They did give each other alot of love though! Hadlea was trying to kiss him and Trevin was turning away. He didn't want kisses, only hugs!
 sweet blue eyes!
 big brown eyes
Now, if we can get through this week, everyone at work will start taking off for the holidays! I cannot wait for the holidays, and to see my family! Every year I am more thankful for my family... parents, grandparents,  inlaws, brothers, SILs, niece/nephew, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, etc... maybe it is because I am older, maybe it is because of Hadlea... I do not know the reason, but I am thankful... VERY THANKFUL!

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Emily said...

Ahh - I can't wait to see the other photos!!! :o)

Too cute!

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