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Saturday, November 20, 2010

playing & baby j...

Our weekend plans got changed due to some little girl not feeling well on Friday! The daycare called and said she didn't seem to be feeling very well. She wasn't running a fever, she was eating well, but wasn't acting like herself. So daddy took off of work early and went and got her. This was her before leaving for daycare on Friday. She was sleepy and congested, but she was acting fine. Just lounging with her babies before leaving... like any other morning! :)
Hadlea and I went ahead and stayed home while daddy headed to my parents house to stay the weekend to hunt. I didn't want her getting worse before the holidays, and I knew she would eat and rest better at home. I am so glad I made the choice to stay home. I always wonder how the next stage with Hadlea can get better than the last, but she always seems to amaze me! She was in a great mood today, although congested and a cough, but she has been eating like a cow and sleeping very well. This has been the funnest weekend to date with her. We have spent the entire day at home... other than running to the post office to mail her 1st birthday invitations... (YEAH!) and meeting a friend to give her some clothes.
We have chased each other, played in the kitchen floor with spoons and bowls as drums, and we made a pallet in the living room floor with pillows, which she thought was the greatest... EVER!
At one point, I got my phone out to look at something and she started saying, 'baby', which means she wants to look at pictures of herself. It just cracks me up!
After pictures, I started a short kids video that I downloaded with animals and she watched it... even though cartoons were on the tv in front of her! :)
For dinner we had chicken, peas, peaches and yogurt. She wasn't eating that well at first, and I was hoping it wasn't due to her not feeling well, so I got out a fork and helped her put the food on the fork... she then ate like a champ... as long as she could put it in her own mouth. I think she ended up eating 5 whole chicken nuggets along with everything else! :) (Obviously, I need to invest in some children's forks!)
And a video...before daddy called and interrupted us! :)
Daddy called late afternoon and had a Big Brown Down! It was an 11 point, 150 lbs. We do not eat the meat, but hopefully we get some jerky! I was a little sad that H wasn't there to take a picture with her daddy! :(
And my monkey.... this girl would climb a mountain if she could! :)
And today at 1:30 PM, Jessica (one of my very best friends and MOH in my wedding), and her husband, Jimmy, welcomed Jestyn Reece. 7lbs 15oz, 21 inches. She has tons of hair and is going to have the most gorgeous skin ever! I CANNOT wait to hold this sweet girl! Congrats, Jimmy and Jess! We love you all!
Tomorrow, H and I are going to church and then will wait on daddy to get home! 

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Erin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Love all the pictures. I am surprised he hunts but you dont eat the meat, that sounds silly to me even though I don't hunt and wouldnt touch that meat ha ha!!!

Hope she is feeling well. Miss avin has been running a high fever the past 2 days!

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