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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

past weekend & Uncle Alan's bday

I hope these posts do not continue to get further and further apart! :) Work is getting better with each week, but I am REALLY missing posting and catching up on other blogs! I have yet to make it to some of your blogs to see those adorable Halloween costumes! Hopefully I get caught up VERY soon! :)

Today, Hadlea is 11 months old! It DOES NOT seem possible! I will work on her 11 month post and hopefully get that up tomorrow. We have her 1 YEAR pictures this weekend.... I cannot wait! Her outfit is adorable, and my hopes are high! :) I will hopefully have a few to share at the first of next week, but I will save some of them for her invitations that will be going out next week. I made them myself... which I think they turned out pretty cute! I will share those too after they go out!

This past weekend, Grammie came for a visit. She arrived on Friday and Justin left to fish. After Hadlea went to bed on Friday, I started cleaning out my closet... OMGoodness, it was LONG overdue! I have kept things for so long that I 'thought' I would eventually wear again. This time, if I hadn't worn it in the last couple of years, it was gone. And this was my pile to donate! I do not know whether to feel bad for having so much or good for donating so much!!
On Saturday, daddy was fishing so we headed out to do a little shopping.
 Hadlea wore one of her new outfits from Nana. It is just too cute!
Saturday evening, Grammie babysat while Justin and I went on a date. We went out to eat at Red Rock Canyon on the river, and then we went to a sports bar and watched some football. We had such a great time! We were planning to meet up with Alan and Amanda and bowl for Alan's birthday, but we are all OLD and decided to head home after all of the games. I didn't take one picture. :(
On Sunday, we all got up early because of time change... except for Hadlea. She is such a good sleeper! Justin and I have been planning to re-stain our fence for so long. We decided since Grammie was here, and it was a nice day, that we should get it finished. 8 hours and 13 gallons of stain later, we finished! It was terrible... we had to make 2 Home Depot runs because we kept running out of stain. Although it was ALOT of manual labor, we had a good time. We laughed all day! Grammie and Hadlea went and met Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda for lunch for Alan's birthday. Grammie left Sunday evening. I know Hadlea is always sad to see her go!

On Monday evening, we met Alan and Amanda for dinner at Osake Steakhouse for Alan's birthday. Aunt Amanda thought Hadlea would LOVE it since they cook your meal in front of you. She watched a few times, but was more interested in playing with everything else and climbing around in her high chair! :)

Uncle Alan, Aunt Amanda and Hadlea 
 Me, Hadlea and Justin
 watching the cook
 eating some soup
And while at dinner, A and A asked Hadlea to be their flower girl with this adorable shirt! I am a bridesmaid and Justin is a groomsman, so it will be perfect to have her a part of the big day. We will be going to Turks and Caicos in May 2011!! We CANNOT wait... or I can't! :) Thank you so much Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda for making all of us a part of your special day. We are so blessed to have both of you in our lives.... and, we are so thankful that you are allowing us to share in all of these special moments. We love you both!
Daycare update: Hadlea is doing great at daycare. She had a new 1 year old friend that started this week, and they think she is adjusting alot better with the new little friend being there. The mornings are still rough with dropping her off. She usually starts fussing as we walk into the house, but I usually get a text from Ms A within about 10-20 minutes that she is fine and happy! I still get texts throughout the day letting me know she is okay... which really helps! I think we made the right decision in putting her in daycare... even though I miss her being at home everyday!

Hopefully... tomorrow will be that 11 month post! :)

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Rene said...

Hadlea will make an adorable flower girl!! What a special time for you all and so special to be such a big part of it all.

Looking forward to seeing the invitation for her party!


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