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Friday, November 12, 2010

our week and christmas cards

Our week has mainly been about work and daycare. Hadlea is doing great at daycare... the mornings are still iffy, but I actually think they are getting better. I have tried to take a morning picture of her, but some are a flash since all she does is move around these days! But I do have a feeling this is what most will look like over the next few months... pacifier and a baby! Oh this girl LOVES her babies!
I loved this little white jumpsuit she wore the other day... although it came back VERY dirty! But that is okay, I am positive she looked SUPER cute getting it dirty! :)
Grammie came back in on Thursday so Hadlea didn't have to go to daycare today. She got to spend the cold, rainy day at home... which one fine with the both of us! I was so glad to get to see her throughout the day! This morning she ate oatmeal and actually fed herself.
Video of her eating oatmeal!

I have been looking around at Christmas cards and trying to decide whether to buy or make my own. I got on Shutterfly and looked at their 2010 Christmas Cards and I think I will go with one of theirs. They have some GREAT ideas this year! Go here to check them out! I have mine picked out, but I will wait and share at Christmas... We are taking Hadlea's 1st birthday and Christmas pictures tomorrow. I guess I should go get some beauty rest! :) Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

If you are interested, I would love to make your Christmas cards and can make a similar to one you are interested in on Shutterfly. Let me know :)

Erin said...

cant believe she is feeding herself :) How cute!!

Bonnie said...

We took our family pictures & went ahead & did Jarrett's 1st B-day pics today! It was a lot of fun :) Hadlea is looking so tall. Is it just me that thinks that? :P Hope ya'll have fun taking pictures!

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