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Thursday, November 18, 2010

nothin' much...

Not too much new here these days! Work, daycare, playing, eating, bath time and bedtime pretty much consume our days during the week! :) I took some pictures of this sweet girl before daycare this week. I thought she looked so cute on Wednesday...
I think I got this Polo dress from a friend. It is 9 months, but a little short, so I put her ruffle pants from her Auntie Shan on her. I could just eat her up! And she is VERY into putting things in and out of places these days... hence, the pacifier in the shoe! :)
Today, it was cold outside so I dressed her up in her fleece. She was in a GREAT mood so we played a bit before daycare!
Lounging with her 'babies'!
Hanging in her 'play chair'!
Tonight, Hadlea had her very first bubble bath! When I wash her hair and it makes bubbles, she loves to pop them. I got her some bubbles and she had the best time! She thought it was hilarious!
And a short video of her playing in the bath!
We are off to my parents for the weekend. I cannot wait to see some old friends and Hadlea will get to see her buddy, Ady! (We cannot wait to see you Ady!) Daddy is hunting so hopefully he gets a big one so we can have some deer jerky! :) Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Erin said...

ha ha ha she is soo cute :) Love all her outfits as always.

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