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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

halloween weekend...

This past Saturday, we had some errands to run and then we invited Les(SIL), Riley(nephew) and Hannah(niece) down to go do something. We were planning to take the kids to Brookside to do some trick or treating, but it is always so busy and the kids have to stand in line that I didn't know how well Hadlea would do so we decided to head to the zoo.
Me and my baby girl before running errands!
Hadlea was in a great mood...
And on our errand run, daddy thought she needed some new shoes! :)
Once we got back from running errands, we headed to the zoo. Daddy even joined us!
Hadlea, me, Riley, Justin and Hannah
Les, Hadlea, Riley, Justin and Hannah
Riley and Hannah on the tigers!
Riding the train...
measuring their span...
Riley checking out the snakes!
a bunch of monkeys!
playing in the petting zoo!
Hadlea thought the goats were hilarious!
And now I know where Hadlea gets her dare devil-ness!
Hadlea is LOVING Lions and Tigers right now!
We always take a picture on the turtle...
our 3rd one was OUT!
After the zoo, we went back home to get the kids ready for trick or treating!
the scary demon...
And Hannah couldn't decide if she was a mean kitty...
or a pretty kitty! :)
We dressed up our butterfly, but it didn't last long! She had a long day with not much of a nap, so she was in no mood for wings! :)
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I haven't had a chance to check many blogs and see all of the cute costumes, but I am so looking forward to it! I know some of them will be adorable!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, those sneakers - I DIE! They are too cute!!

Erin said...

oh ym goodness love all the pictures and she looks so cute as a butterfly.!!!

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