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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

halloween weekend con't...

The Sunday of Halloween, daddy went fishing and baby girl and I spent the day playing! She didn't get up until after 10AM! We must have wore her out at the zoo and playing that evening!
You can see her top teeth now!
sweet girl!
and our climber LOVES to play in highchair. She could play in this thing ALL day!
And I realized it is time to bring in the babies! This past weekend Hadlea has started hugging and loving on anything that resembles a baby... including some of Berkley's toys! Ha!
Nana had bought Hadlea her first Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas and I had it put up until she was ready for it. We got it out...
The funny thing is the baby's birth certificate was for October 31... which was the exact date! :)
And she had a blast playing with that baby! She goes around saying and then adds an 'ah'. It just cracks us up!
lots of hugs and kisses (for babies) at our house!!

A cute video of our lion and doggy!

Yesterday, Nana came over for a visit and brought H some VERY cute clothes, books and diapers for Halloween. Thanks so much Nana!
And thanks to Granny/Grandad and Uncle Bimpsie/Aunt Becky for the Halloween cards and money for Hadlea! We will definitely be going to find her something very fun! We love and miss the four of you! :)

Daycare Update: Hadlea is doing great! Monday, she cried a little when I dropped her off. The owner text me about 15 minutes later and said she was doing better. When I picked her up, she said she was fussy in the morning, but was in a great mood after her nap. She thought she was just very tired. Tuesday, she had a GREAT day! When I dropped her off, she crawled straight for the toys so I snuck out. When I picked her up, the owner said it was her best day yet! She said she was in a great mood all day and played very well.. she also ate very well! Today, she cried and cried when I was trying to leave! I think she was very tired and her teeth are bothering her. After all, she is cutting 4 teeth all at the same time, two of them being molars.. OUCH! The owner said she had a better afternoon. And for a momma update: The days seem longer without her being in the next room, but I am so thankful she is adjusting so well! Thanks for all of the prayers and sweet comments letting me know she would be just fine... and that I would be too! :)

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