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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

work, outdoors, tooth, words

so much going on that you get it in bullets...
  • If work doesn't slow down, I am going to DIE! I was so worried that the beginning of the month was going to be terrible, and after it wasn't, I was relieved... little did I know what was coming! I have been up and working by 7A to finally stop working at 5P with out much other than a bathroom break and then back to work after 9P when Hadlea goes to bed. It has been a LONG couple of weeks. I even worked last Sunday from 9A to 7P, but thankfully Grammie was here to help with H. Things HAVE to slow down. I am too old to go at this pace! :)
  • And in FUN news... Hadlea has a 3rd tooth, her top right! I assumed it was coming because she had been running a small fever off and on, sleeping more than normal and hardly eating at all. She is on her way back to her happy self. That girl is just TOO funny these day!
  • We have been playing outside in the evenings and every chance we get! She loves to slide on her own and hang out on top. We really got the playset for the swing because she loves to swing at the park, but she would be just fine sitting in the top and crawling around!  
  • On Monday night, Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda brought over Mexican food for my birthday. Hadlea was in a great mood and loved playing with their lab, Avery. It was a good visit!  
  • Hadlea has started saying some more words... doggy and uh-oh. She will point to Berkley and say bubba and then say doggy, although it sounds more like doe-ggy. She will also call stuffed animals doe-ggys, even the bears! :) She will throw her pacifier and say uh-oh, although it sounds more like uh-uh. And she still copies your coughs and burps like a champ! :)
  • Hadlea has started blowing kisses. Video below of the doe-ggy and kisses...
  • And today we welcomed another baby to the family... Jax Wayne, 7lb 11 oz. It seems like we just had the baby shower for Stephanie here. I cannot believe he has already arrived! Her c-section was scheduled this morning so we went and seen him this evening! He is so perfect, but momma was feeling a little sick. Hopefully she gets to feeling better soon, and we can go back and spend more time! He looks just like his brother Jace... so adorable!


Ashlie said...

What a sweet video! Teething is no fun! Presley has 4 teeth now and two more coming in. They are taking a while, and she also had fever this weekend. Poor kiddos!

Erin said...

cuet video!! 3 teeth :) Why are you working so much? You are still working at home rght. that is crazy!

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