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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

perfect weekend...part 3 & a walk

Sunday, Hadlea decided to get up at 5AM...I guess she wanted another great day with Grammie! :) I have no idea what her deal was with getting up early! I was really hoping that it didn't last! (And it didn't, the first morning with Grammie gone, Hadlea didn't get up until after 9AM. We called and rubbed it in to Grammie! :) With Hadlea getting up at 5AM, I went and took her at 6 so Grammie could go back to bed. Hadlea finally went back down around 7 and slept until 11. But after getting up for the day, we went outside and played. Hadlea loves her swing and is loving her little teddy bear that sings. I thought this picture was super sweet! I text it to her daddy, and he thought she looked mad. She wasn't...she was actually concentrating on giving her teddy some love! :)
After breakfast/lunch, since we all got up late, we got dressed and headed to do a little more shopping. After that, we arrived home about the time that daddy did! Grammie was packing her things to leave {tear} so we played outside. This big girl LOVES it walking outside was right up on her list! She loved it!
We live on a corner lot so we have alot of sidewalk. Hadlea did so good with walking! She seems to be more stable with each day!
walking with daddy!
The walk must have been tough! She came in and crawled right for her drink!
And then crawled in her bouncy to rest!
She seriously is the funniest thing I have ever met!
And proof that she climbs in and out of this bouncy...
I am so thankful we never got rid of this thing! She crawled in and out of it no less than 100x over the last few days! She will crawl in, hold onto the top, stand up and start jumping. She thinks it is so fun! I think it is fun to watch...her daddy...he about has a heart attack! :)


Emily said...

I can't get over how cute she is. Seriously!

I'm amazed at how much Hadlea is walking - Asher won't even sit himself up yet. He seems able, just lazy. HA! :o)

Glad you had a fun weekend with your cutie!

Erin said...

so cute as always!! love the bear picture but she does look kind of mad ha ha!

Bonnie said...

Jarrett has that little lion & he is scared to death of it, ha ha!

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