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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

perfect weekend...part 2 & the Goff's

So after a great Friday evening, Hadlea was up and ready for the day at 7AM on Saturday morning! Boo! This girl is hardly ever up before 8AM. She normally goes to bed between 8 and 9PM and normally sleeps until 9AM, but when Grammie is here, I guess she is just too excited and ready for the day! Or maybe she knew it was her Grammie's birthday and wanted to spend every second she could with her! :) So we got up and ready and headed out for some pictures. I decided I wasn't going to get Hadlea a Halloween costume this year since we wouldn't actually go trick-or-treating, but I did want to get her something to take her picture I picked up a tutu and some butterfly wings. But first, we needed a little skull action....I mean really!? This is my FAVORITE picture to date. And to some of you, this might be the worst picture I have ever taken! My best friend, Shannan, REALLY dislikes skulls on children so I know there are people that do not like it. I, on the other hand, am IN LOVE with this picture... {I just want to eat her up!}
I love this one too!
Her daddy got her this hat before she was even born!
She reminds me of a little skater chick! Ha!
And my sweet shirtless butterfly!
I couldn't decide on a we went without! :)
 happy butterfly!
And I had to show her tights from her Aunt Shan.
LOVE these!
My little explorer!
Swinging with Grammie!
After pictures, it was lunch at On the Border, the party supply store to start buying for the BIG 1st birthday and then to the pumpkin patch!!
This pumpkin patch was so great! They had so much for the kids to do!
She loved the ponies!
She also like to stand with the pumpkins!
This one makes me she is kicked back relaxing!
Another pony ride!
Pumpkin faces! She loved to look through these!
Hadlea found her favorite pumpkin and was ready to go! Ha!
She thought this was funny...until they all fell over!
Funny girl!
After the pumpkin patch, it was home for a nap and to watch some Sooner football! A great win against the much disliked Longhorns!! (sorry, Ashlie! :) After football, it was off to the mall for some shopping! We had such a great time shopping! Grammie was good to Hadlea with some Baby Gap purchases, although some are being saved for her 1st birthday. We got some super cute outfits and deals! Yeah! And because of all of the great shopping, we worked up an appetite and went back to dinner. I think our weekend included mostly shopping, pictures and lots of eating! Ha! But calories do not count on a birthday weekend, right?! :) After dinner, it was home and bed! Next up...Sunday - more shopping and daddy's return!
Last night, we had our friend's G, Taran and Trevin over for dinner. Justin cooked out steaks that I marinated all day along with green beans and baked potatoes! They were SO good! I was so stuffed several hours later!! T and H are starting to play better together. They had so much fun, and we laughed at them non-stop! For atleast 2 hours, they played with the bouncer and a basket! I told Trevin I knew what I was getting him for his next birthday!
They would take turns between the bouncer and the basket.
And when Hadlea was in the basket, Trevin would do this... 
I am pretty sure I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Those two were cracking us up!


Amy Harmon said...

That skull hat is absolutely adorable. And the butterfly? Your daughter couldn't be any cuter. I would want to eat her up too. I love your pics. Your mom must love this time she gets to spend with you both.

Erin said...

I would say that is one cute halloween costume!!! I love the idea of skulls for pictures but not an everyday thing!!!

Cant wait for her first birthday!!

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