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Monday, October 04, 2010

perfect weekend...

This weekend was beyond perfect! It was packed full of so many things (imagine that!), but it was such a great time! This weekend consisted of me, my momma and my baby girl... and a little time with Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda! I have SO many pictures to share so I will break up the days! Let's start with Friday!
I was pretty sure I would have to work all weekend because of our major implementation going in, but it ended up getting post-poned until this coming weekend, so it looks like I will be getting to work all of this weekend! :) Which means, I got to spend tons of time with my momma and baby girl. Friday after work, we loaded up and headed to a park here is Tulsa. I was going to meet Alan and Amanda for their engagement pictures and maybe try to take a few myself. But before meeting them, I took a few of Ms H...
my fav of the day!
she is a clapping machine!
she obviously gets alot of praise at our house! ha!
 This picture makes me laugh out loud...because of the rock in her toe.
I have no idea why I think it is so funny! :)
 I loved this pathway!
 love the color!
 she loves to stand!
Alan and Amanda got some great shots! I will wait until Amanda uses them and then I will share. I also cannot wait to see what the other photographer got. I think they will be super good!
After pictures we headed to dinner with A&A and then to their house to look at a bed and dresser I am buying from them! I have wanted this bed since the day Alan bought it, and I cannot wait to get it!
After leaving their house, mom, H and I headed home. Hadlea went to bed and mom and I started clearing out the living room, office, hallway and my bedroom to clean carpets. This was all after 10PM, but we got it done and they look great! Thanks, mom!
I will share about Saturday tomorrow...more great pictures and memories! Tonight, we are having friends over for dinner! Daddy is grilling out streaks, and I have been hungry all day! Ha! I know Hadlea will have so much fun!
I meant to share these pictures the other day, but forgot about them, plus they were with my iPhone and super bad quality! Justin LOVES those machines where you have to move the lever to win things?! I mean, he LOVES them! I am pretty sure in the last 10 years if we have walked by one, he has played...and he HAS to win! So last Thursday evening while I was at the gym, Justin, my mom and Hadlea shopped and then I met them for dinner. As we were leaving, Justin seen the machine and HAD to play.
And $4 later, Hadlea was a proud owner of a green ape! :)
But she LOVED him!


Erin said...

you always have busy weekends!!! and her outfit is sooo cute :) love all those pictures that you took!

Mrs. Southern said...

Hadlea's outfit is adorable, she's a cutie! Looks like you guys had a fun and busy weekend!

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