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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

justice's / ry & hannah / birthday

On Friday night, Shannan and the girls were coming to Oklahoma from Kansas City to her in-laws. Her in-laws live about an hour away so we decided to drive over for dinner and see them. Shannan's in-laws (Ron and Nita) have become like grandparents to Hadlea. They always welcome us into their home and always call to invite us over to stay when Shannan, Mike and the girls come to town. They are the sweetest people! And Hadlea LOVES loves to go! She is always so happy to see Kennedy and Brynlee. We had such a great time, even though we only seen them about 2.5 hours... every minute is always worth it!
On the way there, we got to listen to ALOT of this! :) Any time you belch (gross, I know!), or hear a cow moo, or Berkley growl, Hadlea makes this noise. She also now says da-da in this voice! It was a fun ride! :)
And finally trime for my 3 sweet girls!
And this picture is completely normal to us! Happy Hadlea, Happy KK and Brynlee in a swimsuit with her toothbrush! Ha! These girls are always playing dress-up and because their grandparents live on the lake, Brynlee wanted to wear her swimsuit, and she wanted to brush her teeth! :)
Little momma KK and Hadlea!
The girls playing in the floor. They are so good with Hadlea!
Princess Hadlea...they dressed her in necklaces and crowns all night.
Daddy, Hadlea and KK!
I have to give credit to my husband. He drove to be with a house full of girls, besides Shan's father-in-law, but he didn't mind. He was just as happy to be there! Or so I think! :)
We also got a show from Brynlee and KK. They are both in gymnastics and dance and had to show off their walks! Here's Brynlee!
Here is KK!
We had such a nice visit! I miss those girls more and more everyday. I think 4+ years is long enough to be away from each other so I will continue to pray that Michael will find a job in Tulsa after his residency so we will all be together again! :)
Last night, we got a visit from my SIL, niece and nephew. We got to see Riley and Hannah at the wedding we went to on Sunday (pictures coming soon) so getting to see them two days in a row was perfect! I have missed them so much...and Hadlea has too! We had pizza and played outside. We have such a good time playing together!
And today is my 29th last year in the 20s! It definitely sounds older, but I don't feel any different. Plus, I don't feel mature enough to be 29...or a mother to tell you the truth! Ha! I am going to the gym tonight! Justin thinks I am crazy that I am choosing to go the gym instead of out to dinner. I think I am playing it smart...if I went to dinner I would choose mexican food and then probably desert. This will help me save 1000+ calories! :) But my sweet husband did wake me up before he left to tell me happy birthday and I got these a few hours later! If Justin sends or brings be flowers, they are always red roses, except when H was born he gave me pink. I just LOVE red roses. They are timeless and classic! Definitely my favorite flower!
Now, if everyone would take the day off and work would slow down this afternoon, it would be a great day! :)


Rene said...


Deana said...

Happy Birthday, i love you. Hadlea loves all of the kids so much and it shows. she is just a people person like her momma!!!

Emily said...

Happy birthday Heather! Hope you have a great one! :o)

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