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Thursday, October 07, 2010

it's official...

I AM the wife of the year!! :)
So to all of you that have tried and tried to impress your husbands and win the award, you can stop! Right now as I type this, my husband is thinking I am THE GREATEST thing, EVER! Ha! Remember this post?! Well also as I type this, Justin is out on the lake fishing with Fred Roumbanis. Justin went and met Fred at his house at 6AM to head out this morning. I was bummed that they were leaving so early because I wanted a picture, but I was not getting up at 6AM to get it! :) I was also bummed that they chose a lake that is an hour away because I thought I could sneak over to the lake and get a picture of them fishing on the water with my zoom lens! Ha! But that is not going to happen either! I asked Justin if he would have them get really close together and take a picture of themselves... he thought I was crazy for even asking! But hey, it was worth a shot! So with doing this and my birthday coming up next week, I am thinking I should be getting something special! But I will not hold my breath on that either... :)
The other night I got a text from my friend Shannan as Hadlea was getting out of the bath. I sent her a text of us to tell her and the girls goodnight. We got one right back of KK and Brynlee getting out of the bath too! We all got a good laugh and the girls thought it was funny! I sure love and miss them...and get to see them tomorrow!
And I found these pictures on my phone of Hadlea and Trevin playing the other night when they were over. They were in the kitchen while we were cooking so we gave them bowls and spoons to beat on. They thought it was fun!
We go live with our new tool at midnight tonight!
Hopefully I get some rest this weekend...

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