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Friday, October 15, 2010

creating, dallas & a laundry basket

I am constantly ordering from etsy, which I have to somewhat slow down :), so I decided to see if I could make some of my own monogrammed onesies. I do not find myself creative whatsoever, but I never thought I could sew, and I surprised myself when I could make blankets and burp clothes so I thought I would give onesies a shot! Ha! So after Hadlea went to bed last night, I convinced Justin to help me cut out some letters. I had bought fabric the other day at Hob Lob and this is what we got....
I think they turned out great for our first time! I am very happy with them! It took FOREVER, but I think once I get it down, it will go faster. We didn't finish making these until midnight, but we had fun together! I think these will make fun baby gifts, but I need to get started... so Jennifer H, name that baby boy! I need to start now or he will be 1 before you get one! :)
And I had a major Dallas ordering issue the other day. I ordered two for me and two for H within a 2 day period. And even though they are sucking it up something majorly, we are still sporting our Dallas gear! The one on the far right is our newest for H. The h on the front is made of Dallas material and the back is pink with white polka dots...
And the back of it has ruffles in the same materials!
And last night around 8PM, I got a text from Grammie asking if she could come down. I know H wouldn't disagree so she headed down! She got in around 11 and talked with J and I as we finished our onesies. This morning, Hadlea was so happy to see her and they have been playing all morning! Grammie tied a rope to the laundry basket and pulled her around. She thought it was hilarious!
 And Berkley decided to join in on the fun! I was so surprised he stayed in!
 And Hadlea was so excited to have him!
 sweet girl!
 And she is full of love...lots of hugs and kisses.
Here she is giving her tiger from Grampie a hug!
Enjoy your Friday and your weekend! Daddy is starting bright and early on the playset, and we are hoping it will be done by Sunday! Grammie, H and I are doing some jeans shopping for me!


Emily said...

I LOVE the onesies you made!! You have to do a post on how exactly you made them. I love to try new projects - especially for Asher!

Jennifer said...

How funny you tried to make a onesie because I have been contemplating whether or not I could do it myself. That's awesome! And I think we may be getting closer on a name!! Naming a boy is definitely harder than a girl, I think! Love and miss you guys!

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