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Sunday, October 24, 2010

busy, concert, party & family

I am beyond ready for work to slow down.
End of story.

Anyway, last Wednesday night, Justin and I decided we would try to make the Miranda Lambert / Eric Church concert on Thursday night. There were still a few tickets available so we went ahead and got them. Since I had been working so much I wanted to get out of the house and do something, the issue was actually getting away from work! But I made it...We called and asked Nana to babysit. She got here around 530 and we headed out to meet friends for dinner before the concert.
The hubby and I
Taran (& baby #2) and I
Taran's husband, G, and I
Eric Church. He was amazing and SO funny. I would definitely recommend him, even if you are not a country music fan. I went to see Miranda, but he was a much better performer. I really hope to see him again soon!
Miranda Lambert. I thought she would be a better performer. She has some great music, but I think I expected more.
It was a good night! So glad we got away and went!

Friday morning, Grammie and Grampie showed up to keep Hadlea for the day. We had a 30th birthday party that evening for Aunt Amanda. Hadlea always has a great time with G&G. They met Uncle Alan for lunch and then met Aunt Amanda for yogurt.
Hadlea and her Grampie
Hadlea and her Auntie A
Friday evening, Justin and I headed to the party.
The 30TH birthday girl and I!!
Aunt and Uncle A
The dinner was amazing! Alan had it at The Kitchen on Brookside. It was a 4 course meal, and it was great to see alot of their friends that we do not get to see on a regular basis. And the cake.... this thing was amazing!
Hope you had a great 30th birthday, Amanda! We are so thankful to have you in the family and are counting down the days to May 2011 and being in Turks and Caicos for the wedding!

Saturday morning, Justin and Grampie headed to Medford, while Grammie, Hadlea and I headed to Duncan to visit Granny and Grandad (my mom's parents).
My Granny / Hadlea's Gigi (Great-Grandma), has TONS of beanie babies. She was in heaven playing with them and giving them TONS of hugs and kisses! (There was also another little baby that loved them! You can see his nose in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture!)
Saturday, we played and watched ALOT of football. My Grandad is a major sports lover, and it was so fun to watch some games with him! We watched the OSU and OU games, although neither turned out to our liking... but it was a great day!
Sunday morning, we all got ready for church, but not before a few pictures. Grammie and Hadlea!
 Gigi, Grandad and Hadlea
(her great-grandparents! so special!!)
 Grandad and Hadlea!
 Grandad, Gigi, Hadlea and I
 Grandad, Grammie, Hadlea and Gigi
Obviously, H was over pictures at this point!
Tonight, we are all back home. Grammie stayed one more night so daddy and I could get a few things done around the house. The house is picked up, laundry almost done, bags put away, and my car is clean inside and out, thanks to daddy! :) Another packed weekend, but we obviously wouldn't have them any other way! :)

And if you think about it or are reading this on Monday, please say a prayer for the Gonzales family. They live in Medford (where I grew up) and lost a family member, Noel. They will be burying Noel on Monday. You can read his obituary, here. He was 15 and passed in an automobile accident. My younger cousin, Ryan,  was driving the vehicle, but was not injured. Please say a prayer for Ryan too. You can read about the accident here. The Gonzales family is so special to me. Some of Noel's family was like a second family to me and I used to spend many days and nights at their house. I was also the Kindergarten Aid when Noel was in Kindergarten and he was always such a great kid. He has an amazing family who will miss him so much and will never let him be forgotten. I cannot imagine what they are experiencing, but I do know Noel is in a much better place. There is no doubt he is in heaven celebrating his arrival and looking down on us hoping everyone finds peace and comfort.

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