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Thursday, October 14, 2010

10.10.10 & dinner

On Sunday, 10-10-10, we went out to Justin's parent's, Rusty and Nana, for a wedding. Rusty's daughter Candy married Blake, and they had the wedding on the ranch. It was so beautiful! They set up a pergola to get married under and a giant tent for the reception. They had tons of flowers and big ferns everywhere. It turned out so good, and I didn't even take picture of the setup! We took several family pictures, but I didn't get one picture of the bride and groom either! Seems to be the way I roll at a wedding! There are a ton of enjoy!
Our little family!
Justin and his momma!
Nana and Hadlea
Rusty, Nana and their grandkids
Caylee, Hadlea, Riley and Hannah
Rusty, Nana, the grandkids and Mimi(Rusty's Mother)
Rusty and Riley (my nephew)
Rusty and Hannah (my niece)
Rusty, Nana and Hadlea
Rusty and his oldest granddaughter, Caylee
Rusty and Mimi
Rusty and Nana
Rusty and Hadlea
Nana, Hadlea and I
Rusty, Nana, Justin and I and the kids
Rusty, Nana, Justin and I and the kids with Chace (Caylee's dad / Rusty's son)
Chace, Caylee, Mimi and Rusty
Chace and Caylee (father/daughter)
Hannah, Riley and Hadlea
Riley Biley
Riley and Hadlea
Rusty and Hadlea
Sweet girls! Hadlea and Hannah
Riley and Hadlea playing!
Riley chasing Hadlea
Hadlea on the go!
(you can see the chairs and tent set up in the background.)
H & H riding horses! :)
Nana had picked up Hadlea this little shopping cart. She thinks it is super fun so we had to try it out once we got home!
When we got home, we changed into our Dallas gear hoping it would help them...
it didn't! This year is already out of control, and we are like 4 games in. I am just SICK!
But with this sweet smile... it is hard to get too mad during the games!
Last night, Rusty and Nana took us to dinner for my birthday! We went to Abuelos...YUM! It was a great time! I thought Hadlea looked too cute in her outfit so I snapped some shots!
And a cute little 'bear' butt! Ha!
Hope everyone is having a great day! Work is still OUT OF CONTROL and will only get worse tomorrow and next week! Grrrr... But oh well, it pays the bills...and allows me to sit here and take a break and blog! :) I just HAD to clear my head for a few minutes! Tonight, I am heading to the gym and daddy and H get some daddy/daughter time! :)

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