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Sunday, October 31, 2010

update, molars and starting daycare

So it has been a week... a very LONG week since I have last posted. I think work is starting to slow a bit where I do not have to work half of the night, but still working a crazy amount of hours. I am thinking about two more weeks, and hopefully it will be back to normal... although I think it will be a new normal. Thanks to a few of you that have sent encouraging facebook messages and texts. During those long days it was nice to see that some of you were thinking about me and gave me a nice smile! I have some of the greatest friends and family EVER!

A lot has gone on in the past week. Hadlea is changing from a baby into a toddler at rapid speed! She makes us laugh all of the time and is starting to do things to get us to laugh... like today, Justin was laying in the floor and she went and climbed over him, turned around and pushed his face. We laughed, and she did too!
  • She is a climber... like I have mentioned before. And the taller she gets the more we have to watch her. She tries to climb into and on EVERYTHING!
  • She has more teeth! She has started getting her back bottom two molars. I had no idea she could get them this early! I felt terrible when we found them because I had only been putting Origel on her top front teeth that I thought were hurting her! Poor girl! The bottom right one is through and the bottom left will be in any day now.
  • She now says baby... and hugs every baby or stuffed animal she has! I have pictures to post of this, but it just makes my heart so happy to see her loving on babies. It lets me know when we hug or kiss her that she knows we love her... and she follows by doing the same to her babies! What a great feeling as a parent... or it is for me! Although her kisses for us are only ones we get blown to us anymore! :)
  • She claps at EVERYTHING... and is VERY in to Patty Cake these days!
  • She becomes more in love with Berkley everyday. She follows him and constantly wants to love on him... and when he doesn't want love, he runs, so she tracks him down and kicks him. Berkley doesn't like this AT ALL. But he just runs again. I know he would never try to hurt her.
I think I could tell 100 different stories about her over the last week, but I will save you the time! Justin and I laugh about her every night as we get into bed. We re-live the day and talk about the funny things she did or how she is such a dare devil. She will try to climb in a rocking chair we have and has fallen off 100 times and still tries multiple times a day... in which she usually ends up crying. (it is only like a foot off of the ground so we do not have to worry about her getting injured.) She is just the most perfect thing EVER!

But I think the biggest news over the last week is that Hadlea has moved out of the house for daycare! Our nanny told us about a month ago that she wanted to go back to work. She used to work full-time and stopped after having her baby. She didn't want to put him in daycare, which is why she chose to become a nanny. She was ready to put her baby in daycare and go back to work. Justin and I went back and forth for many nights on whether to put her in daycare or get another nanny. I WAS SICK! I didn't know what choice to make. I knew Hadlea was ready for daycare as she loves other kids, but part of me wanted to be selfish and keep her home. I decided to seek both and see where we were lead. After going and meeting the daycare owner, and taking Hadlea over to meet the kids, I knew we had made our choice!

On Thursday, October 28, Hadlea had her first day of daycare! I was a nervous wreck the day before! I was just hoping and praying we were making the right decision. At 8AM, I got her up, fed her a bottle and some oatmeal and got her dressed. Obviously, she was a little tired as she normally sleeps until 9AM! :)
But she soon came around. We played for a bit until she was in a good mood! I wanted her to be happy before taking her over there. The daycare is an in- daycare and only 2 miles from our house. I think it will be the perfect place for her!
When we arrived the first morning, she crawled off to start playing with the other kids, but I as turned to walk out, she LOST it. I could hear her crying as I walked to my car, but before I even got home, the owner text me and said she was already calm and playing. She sent me text about every hour the first day to keep me up to date. It was the most awesome experience! I knew exactly what she was doing at all times... what she had played with, ate, how long she napped, everything! It definitely made the day alot easier for this momma!

Day 2 was the Friday before Halloween and the day of her very 1st Halloween party! I got her up at 8AM again, fed and changed her and we played for a bit again. She had to wear her cute candy corn shirt!
And as I left on day 2, I called Justin and told him I was more sad than I was on Day 1. She didn't even cry when I left! I put her down with another little girl, she started playing and as I turned to walk away, she crawled the opposite way to the playroom! I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. Ha! I again got texts throughout the day from the owner keeping me up to date! She had a great day 2 and was happy to see me when I picked her up!
When we got home, H had a package from Grammie and Grampie!
Thanks to G & G for the books, puzzles and...
clothes! She loved them (or I did!). :)
Daddy got home shortly so we spent some time playing.. or Hadlea climbing over daddy...
and under daddy's legs...
And then we all changed and headed to dinner with friends! (I LOVE that look!)
Happy girl!
And when we got home, we did some more playing! She makes the funniest faces these days too!
No idea what funny face this is!
I have TONS of pictures from Halloween weekend and I will 'hopefully' get them posted in the next couple of days! I hope everyone had a great week and a safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

busy, concert, party & family

I am beyond ready for work to slow down.
End of story.

Anyway, last Wednesday night, Justin and I decided we would try to make the Miranda Lambert / Eric Church concert on Thursday night. There were still a few tickets available so we went ahead and got them. Since I had been working so much I wanted to get out of the house and do something, the issue was actually getting away from work! But I made it...We called and asked Nana to babysit. She got here around 530 and we headed out to meet friends for dinner before the concert.
The hubby and I
Taran (& baby #2) and I
Taran's husband, G, and I
Eric Church. He was amazing and SO funny. I would definitely recommend him, even if you are not a country music fan. I went to see Miranda, but he was a much better performer. I really hope to see him again soon!
Miranda Lambert. I thought she would be a better performer. She has some great music, but I think I expected more.
It was a good night! So glad we got away and went!

Friday morning, Grammie and Grampie showed up to keep Hadlea for the day. We had a 30th birthday party that evening for Aunt Amanda. Hadlea always has a great time with G&G. They met Uncle Alan for lunch and then met Aunt Amanda for yogurt.
Hadlea and her Grampie
Hadlea and her Auntie A
Friday evening, Justin and I headed to the party.
The 30TH birthday girl and I!!
Aunt and Uncle A
The dinner was amazing! Alan had it at The Kitchen on Brookside. It was a 4 course meal, and it was great to see alot of their friends that we do not get to see on a regular basis. And the cake.... this thing was amazing!
Hope you had a great 30th birthday, Amanda! We are so thankful to have you in the family and are counting down the days to May 2011 and being in Turks and Caicos for the wedding!

Saturday morning, Justin and Grampie headed to Medford, while Grammie, Hadlea and I headed to Duncan to visit Granny and Grandad (my mom's parents).
My Granny / Hadlea's Gigi (Great-Grandma), has TONS of beanie babies. She was in heaven playing with them and giving them TONS of hugs and kisses! (There was also another little baby that loved them! You can see his nose in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture!)
Saturday, we played and watched ALOT of football. My Grandad is a major sports lover, and it was so fun to watch some games with him! We watched the OSU and OU games, although neither turned out to our liking... but it was a great day!
Sunday morning, we all got ready for church, but not before a few pictures. Grammie and Hadlea!
 Gigi, Grandad and Hadlea
(her great-grandparents! so special!!)
 Grandad and Hadlea!
 Grandad, Gigi, Hadlea and I
 Grandad, Grammie, Hadlea and Gigi
Obviously, H was over pictures at this point!
Tonight, we are all back home. Grammie stayed one more night so daddy and I could get a few things done around the house. The house is picked up, laundry almost done, bags put away, and my car is clean inside and out, thanks to daddy! :) Another packed weekend, but we obviously wouldn't have them any other way! :)

And if you think about it or are reading this on Monday, please say a prayer for the Gonzales family. They live in Medford (where I grew up) and lost a family member, Noel. They will be burying Noel on Monday. You can read his obituary, here. He was 15 and passed in an automobile accident. My younger cousin, Ryan,  was driving the vehicle, but was not injured. Please say a prayer for Ryan too. You can read about the accident here. The Gonzales family is so special to me. Some of Noel's family was like a second family to me and I used to spend many days and nights at their house. I was also the Kindergarten Aid when Noel was in Kindergarten and he was always such a great kid. He has an amazing family who will miss him so much and will never let him be forgotten. I cannot imagine what they are experiencing, but I do know Noel is in a much better place. There is no doubt he is in heaven celebrating his arrival and looking down on us hoping everyone finds peace and comfort.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

work, outdoors, tooth, words

so much going on that you get it in bullets...
  • If work doesn't slow down, I am going to DIE! I was so worried that the beginning of the month was going to be terrible, and after it wasn't, I was relieved... little did I know what was coming! I have been up and working by 7A to finally stop working at 5P with out much other than a bathroom break and then back to work after 9P when Hadlea goes to bed. It has been a LONG couple of weeks. I even worked last Sunday from 9A to 7P, but thankfully Grammie was here to help with H. Things HAVE to slow down. I am too old to go at this pace! :)
  • And in FUN news... Hadlea has a 3rd tooth, her top right! I assumed it was coming because she had been running a small fever off and on, sleeping more than normal and hardly eating at all. She is on her way back to her happy self. That girl is just TOO funny these day!
  • We have been playing outside in the evenings and every chance we get! She loves to slide on her own and hang out on top. We really got the playset for the swing because she loves to swing at the park, but she would be just fine sitting in the top and crawling around!  
  • On Monday night, Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda brought over Mexican food for my birthday. Hadlea was in a great mood and loved playing with their lab, Avery. It was a good visit!  
  • Hadlea has started saying some more words... doggy and uh-oh. She will point to Berkley and say bubba and then say doggy, although it sounds more like doe-ggy. She will also call stuffed animals doe-ggys, even the bears! :) She will throw her pacifier and say uh-oh, although it sounds more like uh-uh. And she still copies your coughs and burps like a champ! :)
  • Hadlea has started blowing kisses. Video below of the doe-ggy and kisses...
  • And today we welcomed another baby to the family... Jax Wayne, 7lb 11 oz. It seems like we just had the baby shower for Stephanie here. I cannot believe he has already arrived! Her c-section was scheduled this morning so we went and seen him this evening! He is so perfect, but momma was feeling a little sick. Hopefully she gets to feeling better soon, and we can go back and spend more time! He looks just like his brother Jace... so adorable!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Is there an Olympic sport for climbing? If so, meet our future Olympian...

She is fearless....

Friday, October 15, 2010

creating, dallas & a laundry basket

I am constantly ordering from etsy, which I have to somewhat slow down :), so I decided to see if I could make some of my own monogrammed onesies. I do not find myself creative whatsoever, but I never thought I could sew, and I surprised myself when I could make blankets and burp clothes so I thought I would give onesies a shot! Ha! So after Hadlea went to bed last night, I convinced Justin to help me cut out some letters. I had bought fabric the other day at Hob Lob and this is what we got....
I think they turned out great for our first time! I am very happy with them! It took FOREVER, but I think once I get it down, it will go faster. We didn't finish making these until midnight, but we had fun together! I think these will make fun baby gifts, but I need to get started... so Jennifer H, name that baby boy! I need to start now or he will be 1 before you get one! :)
And I had a major Dallas ordering issue the other day. I ordered two for me and two for H within a 2 day period. And even though they are sucking it up something majorly, we are still sporting our Dallas gear! The one on the far right is our newest for H. The h on the front is made of Dallas material and the back is pink with white polka dots...
And the back of it has ruffles in the same materials!
And last night around 8PM, I got a text from Grammie asking if she could come down. I know H wouldn't disagree so she headed down! She got in around 11 and talked with J and I as we finished our onesies. This morning, Hadlea was so happy to see her and they have been playing all morning! Grammie tied a rope to the laundry basket and pulled her around. She thought it was hilarious!
 And Berkley decided to join in on the fun! I was so surprised he stayed in!
 And Hadlea was so excited to have him!
 sweet girl!
 And she is full of love...lots of hugs and kisses.
Here she is giving her tiger from Grampie a hug!
Enjoy your Friday and your weekend! Daddy is starting bright and early on the playset, and we are hoping it will be done by Sunday! Grammie, H and I are doing some jeans shopping for me!
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