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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

time to talk business...

3 MORE DAYS! I am in need of some fall air and football! I am starting to feel like ESPN and the news are just teasing us about it getting closer! I REALLY hope we make a few more games this year too! It seems like every single game we planned to attend last year, the weather would turn off freezing cold, rainy or snowy! And since I was prego with Little Ms, daddy would give me the guilt trip about going and getting sick! Boo on him! Ha! I know he was right, but he just doesn't share the same love for LIVE football like I do. He is a baseball man{which often makes me wonder how we ended up together :) }, but nevertheless... he is good to go to any game I want! { long as I am not prego and taking the chance on getting sick!} So today, I have been working, printing out football schedules, working, checking the latest team news, working and ordering some Dallas Cowboy gear! Oh how I love those Cowboys and I HOPE and PRAY for a good season! {NOTE: my husband HATES Dallas...with a passion...I mean really, I should have set my standards a little higher when choosing by child's father! :) only kidding} I was looking online at apparel last night and showed Justin what I was wanting. The two shirts were like $80, which didn't include shipping. He was giving me a major guilt trip about how crazy that was. I agreed and decided not to by them. However, this morning when I was looking through an old purse for some papers, I found TWO Victoria Secret gift cards for $50, I found $100! The two shirts I was wanting are the new VS NFL shirts! So I HAD to call and rub it in that even God wanted me to have those shirts! So by 10am...they were purchased and will be arriving next week! :)
And so it's time to talk business.
Who are your favorite teams?
Pro and/or college?
And remember, your answer could have you removed from my 'followers' list!
only joking...maybe?!  :)

NFL for me...obviously...
How 'bout them Cowboys!

And college...
Tulsa Hurricane

Oklahoma Sooners
And just a couple of videos of the real business of the blog. The gparents would be upset with me if I didn't post a picture or atleast a video! :) I swear I take more video than pictures these days because she is just SO funny! She is constantly making us laugh. This morning we were playing and I looked at her and she shook her head 'NO' and laughed. I called and told Justin that I somewhat felt guilty about it even though it was so funny! She probably thinks her name is NO-NO these days! :) But she must not mind...she still loves me enough to kiss mouth and all! Ha! 
she can gargle...makes me proud! :)


Brie said...

Your Yorkie is adorable! We have one as well... she was our baby until March when we had our first child! Poor dogs get the short end of the stick... so cute though! And your little one is as well too of course!

Erin said...


ha ha ha I am not a huge football fan but I just checked out the VS gear and I need me some of those undies and sweat pants ha ha how cute are they!!!

love that you love football and the hubby doesnt really care!

Heather said...

Ok, that is pretty sweet that you found $100 and that gift card today! Awesome! Just found your blog and love it and following along! You have a beautiful family and I am so ready for some football!

Jessica said...

You already know my answers & there's a reason you're my best friend, but I'm as ready as you for some Dallas Cowboy & Sooner football!! I'm afraid I won't get to go to many/any games this year so I'm planning many watch parties:)

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