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Thursday, September 16, 2010

long, slow days

Why are the week days so long and slow, but the weekends FLY by!? This has been the longest week ever! Work is at an all time stress level, and baby girl and I have been sick! I still think she is teething...runny nose, slight fever and gnawing on everything possible is a pretty good sign! Me...I first thought allergies, but now I am not sure...running nose, sore throat, terrible cough...which all = NO FUN! We have to do our best to get better as we have a great weekend planned! Daddy has his last fishing tournament of the summer! YEAH! {can you tell I am ready for them to be over for the year! :)} Hadlea and I will be leaving Friday after work to head to Grammie and Grampies. We will stay Friday night. Saturday there is a parade and some fun things to do in Wakita, a near by town. Saturday afternoon, I will be heading to Stillwater to the OSU/Tulsa came with two great friends from high school, Catherine and Mikki. I will also get to see my baby brother! :) There will also be alot of old friends and adding in a little football is about the best thing ever! Sunday, we will go to church and head home! So yes, another busy weekend! Ha! And we HAVE to get better! The last few evenings have been pretty laid back. We have spent time playing in Hadlea's room with her toys... {so adorable how she sits on her feet these days!}
A friend of Justin's gave us some 12 month clothes and they gave them to us in this tub...Hadlea LOVED crawling in and out!
and again...sitting on her knees/feet.
Yesterday after work, Hadlea and I ran to see Aunt Amanda and get adjusted.
I thought she looked so cute in this outfit!
Her shirt says, "teeny tiny ballerina". And I thought her feet turned out in this picture were very fitting!
After seeing Auntie A, we came home to Nanna and daddy. We ran to a store with Nanna and daddy and then out to eat dinner. Hadlea was in a great mood. I thought maybe that meant she was starting to feel better, but again this morning she is really congested. Hopefully we are both 100% by tomorrow!
*fingers crossed*


Patti said...

Hope you're both feeling better soon! I can't believe how big Hadlea is getting!! And yes, that ballerina outfit is DARLING!!!

Erin said...

what a cute outfit!! She is so cute!!

Lyndsie said...

I have a little surprise for you over at my giveaway blog! :)

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