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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

So...remember how we were going to have a low key Labor Day Weekend!? Well, that didn't happen! I am pretty sure we went non-stop until Monday evening!
Friday evening after work, we got dressed and headed to dinner with G, Taran and Trevin. I dressed Hadlea in this sweet outfit that Grammie got her before she was even born. It says it is a 9 month outfit, but thankfully, I got it out of the closet to try it on her because it barely fit! Obviously it runs small since she is barely into 6 month stuff! :)
She couldn't leave the flower alone! :)
On Saturday morning, Hadlea was up at 6AM! Yes, SIX AM! She doesn't get up before 8AM on a week day. I thought she would eat and then go back to sleep, but NOPE, she wanted to play. We read books, played with her toys and chased each other through the house crawling! I am pretty sure that is the funnest time I have ever had with her. She was crawling toward the hallway in our house. I crawled really fast to catch her and said, "I'm going to get you" and then tickled her feet. She went to crawling in super fast mode and then would turn and look at me and give me a full belly laugh! I was laughing so hard that we woke daddy up! It was the cutest thing EVER! I am pretty sure my heart was about to explode with so much happiness and love. She is just so funny these days{...and I know I say that in every post}! Ha! And thanks to us waking daddy up, he went and picked up breakfast! :)
After breakfast, Hadlea went down for a nap and Justin and I got the boat ready to head to the lake. We were meeting G, Taran and Trevin at Ft Gibson Lake. Hadlea had only been down for about an hour when we decided to leave, so I just picked her up from her crib and put her straight in the truck. She slept for a bit, but was awake when we arrived at the lake. While we were waiting to unload the boat, we let her look out the window. She thought it was hilarious!
The kiddos eating a snack...Hadlea and Trevin!
Daddy and his baby girl!
Scary Driver! :)
Flower bottom!
More daddy/daughter time.
The pontoon is so nice because Hadlea can crawl around when we are stopped.
I guess she needed to stop for a drink here!
Lookin' for her daddy!
We were parked on an island so we let the kids play in the sand and water. Hadlea loved floating around where she could touch with her feet.
Someone is getting sleepy!
And she is out...but only for about 15 minutes!
After the lake, we picked up Mexican food and headed back to our house to eat and watch football! I told Justin we needed to install a tv and satellite on the boat. Could you imagine laying out on the lake watching football?! My heart really would explode of PURE happiness and love! Ha!
Sunday morning, we left for Arkansas to finally meet Briggs Allen M.
Hadlea slept most of the way to Arkansas. I think she has this internal time clock that tells her when we are within a few miles of where we are going. Once we get close, she freaks! Ha! We had to pull over just a few miles from their house and get her out. She was LOSING IT! And I was feeling so bad for her! We went into Wal-Mart and picked up a few things we were needing. So it was a good stop! Plus, once we got to their house, she was in a great mood! Although...she doesn't look like it in this picture! :)
I had to hold her hands down to lay by Briggs because she kept doing this...
But the sweet boy didn't mind her all up in his face!
He was just content hanging out! :)
Deanna, Hadlea and Briggs
Courtney, Hadlea and Briggs
And because Deanna knows me SO well...she picked me up some Rick's Bakery cookies! Oh my diet...but oh my they are beyond heaven!
After spending the day with Mark, Deanna, Court and Briggs, we all went to Jose's for dinner before we headed home. It was so good to spend time with them! I met Deanna in college and she was in my wedding, and she will always remain a life long friend! Hadlea didn't have much of a nap at their house so she was super sleepy! I assumed she would crash as soon as we pulled out of the driveway, but that did not happen. And she did not fall asleep until 20 mins from home! But she was in a great mood and laughed most of the way home...or until she started fighting sleep for those last 20 minutes! {sorry for my loud screams. i didn't take into account that my phone was right beside my face!}
Monday morning, daddy was up and gone by 5AM to fish. Although it was our 7 Year Anniversary, I knew that fishing was one place Justin would want to be. Ha! I can honestly say that I love Justin more today than the day I married him...and not just because he gave me Hadlea. Justin and I have an unbelievable that most would be jealous of, but one that most would not understand. We just 'get' each other. Most couples would spend their anniversary day together, especially since it was a day off of work, but we are completely fine doing our own thing and meeting back up later! I knew Justin wanted to fish this weekend, and I wanted him to...even if it meant giving him up on our anniversary! Plus, I know he is thankful for it...which means he will finish the laundry tonight when he gets home! Ha! :) Just kidding!
So while daddy was fishing, Hadlea and I were going to head west to see Uncle Jake, but not before some more play time! Do we need to play, "Where's Hadlea"!? Ha! {And yes, I had to rescue her out from underneath the coffee table. She had no idea how to get out!}
We finally arrived around lunch time in OKC to visit Jake. He took us to lunch and then to Target to buy Hadlea a new toy! We then ran to Academy because he wanted to buy H an OSU outfit and a pair of Nike shoes, but they did not have either to fit her! He is such an amazing uncle! Jake is only two years younger than I, and we have always had a great relationship, but it was one I know I took for granted. I will never go another few days without telling my brothers how I feel about them. They mean so much to me!
Jake is doing amazing and looks so much better! I am just so proud of how he is handling the entire situation. He is not embarrassed whatsoever to go out in public with his tubes. And although he does get some looks, he is not ashamed...and it actually gave us some laughs! Ha! {The tubes come out tomorrow, YEAH!}
Hadlea and her Uncle Jaker!
Smiling at Uncle Jake
Jake, me and Hadlea.
Hadlea was so happy to see her daddy when we got home. We ordered pizza and settled in to watch more football! {Boise St and West Virgina to be exact. GREAT game!} We got in alot of play time with Hadlea's new toy from Jake. She LOVED it!
And a quick video of Hadlea playing with her new toy... She has started 'dancing' to music! You can see it at the very beginning!
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! I honestly do not think we could have fit in one more thing, but each thing we did was perfect! It was a great weekend with tons of memories!


Ashlie said...

Oh my!! What a fun/busy weekend. Hadlea is sooo precious! So glad you found me!

Erin said...

how are you so skinny!!! ugh!!!

looks like a great weekend. I hate things that run so small and you alsmot or do miss them wearing them!! annoying!

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