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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the hammon's, a baby shower and another win

WOW! I cannot believe it has been since last Wednesday that I posted! You would think that I would go through some kind of withdrawal! Ha! But really, I do not even have time to do that! Work is beyond crazy right now and I often wonder how I make time for anything else besides my family! We have been working on am implementation at work for 3+ years and we go live this Friday, 10/1. October is usually one of my favorite months...because of fall, football and my birthday, but for the last couple of years, I have dreaded October 2010! I am beyond nervous and have so much to do! We have to go oncall through the month of October so hopefully it all works out nicely and I actually get to sleep! I think that would be the best birthday present! We will see... But if I do not blog for another month from know where I am... in my home office, in front of my work computer, on a conference call... and 10+ hour conference calls a day are getting old! (and yes, I said 10 hour conference calls!)

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff! You know those weekends you think about, hope and pray for as you get older and decide on having children... the ones where you get to meet up with your old girlfriends and have play dates with your kids?! I used to think about these days non-stop when Justin and I were praying for a baby! And this weekend I got one! One of my very best friends from high school, Jennifer, and her daughter, Adylyn Jane, drove over to spent the night. Mike, Jennifer and Ady live across the street from my parents, so we get to see them when we go to Medford, but it is never long enough. So this past Friday, Jennifer and Ady showed up and we headed to the aquarium. We had TONS of plans and wanted to make sure we got to all of them in two short days! The girls LOVED the aquarium and were so good! I know they will be the very best of friends.
 Ady and Hadlea trapped in the shark cage!
This eel FREAKED me out! I had to share!
Snack time outside the shark tank! It is crazy how mean these things look!
My monkey...drinking her bottle!
After the aquarium, we headed back to the house to get Justin and then to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. When we were trying to decide where to eat, we first decided what kind of good we wanted. As soon as I mentioned Texas Roadhouse, Ady said ROLLS! It was so funny! That girl is so full of expressions and made us laugh constantly! Justin is so ready for Hadlea to talk, and I think Ady just added to his anticipation!
After dinner, it was home and play time for the girls! They had so much fun, especially when it came to bath time. Hadlea has never been in a bath with anyone else and she could not stop watching Ady! She LOVED it!
Saturday morning, we were up and out to breakfast by 9am...which I thought was great for us! Next, it was time for the zoo! I love this picture! Two sweet girls....
And I believe this picture was right before the DISASTER! My poor baby girl... as soon as I stepped back to take this picture, she face planted in the bottom of the wagon! When I picked her up, she had a red mark and bump on her head, read nose and dirt in her mouth! I felt like the WORST mother ever! I promised her that I would never let her fall again! That didn't last 24 hours...more on that later! :)
And because Justin and I believe that H is part monkey, we told her this was her grandpa! :) joking!
The monkeys were so funny that day! There were 4 large monkeys and 2 babies. One of the babies kept throwing sand at the other monkeys like he was mad at them. It was just too funny too watch! Shortly after, the little monkey walked up to the window we were standing at and threw sand at our window! All of the kids LOVED that!
Watching the elephants eat, do commands and get washed!
Checking out the zebras!
These animals are beyond amazing! It is hard to not believe in God when you see these things up close! Their stripes are so perfect all of the way down to their hooves. They are just so perfect.
This guy was big! Look at that paw!
Hadlea LOVED to watch the fish! Hopefully she will get her fish fix with daddy and never want an aquarium!
And this little guy was Hadlea's friend. He was walking around in the Rain Forest. I had given Hadlea some puffs, and I didn't realize she had dropped some on the foot rest of her stroller. He gladly cleaned them off! It scared me to death!
And this picture was completely accidental! I stood H up by this fence and backed up to take her picture. Just as I snapped it, he stuck his head out! She loved she does ALL animals!
And as we were making our way through the last few exhibits, she was OUT!
After the zoo, we headed to Merritt's Bakery to load up on some cupcakes and cookies! Jennifer has never been so I thought I would introduce her to the goodness! Jennifer and Mike are expecting baby number 2 so I knew she wouldn't pass up the chance on extra calories! :)
After Merritt's, it was back home! Justin and I had Tulsa Hurricane football tickets, but I wasn't feeling so well! Hadlea had been sick, and I knew she was pretty tired so we decided to stay at home. She was off to bed at 8PM and Justin and I followed behind at 830PM. It was such a great day! Thanks again to Jen and Ady for driving over! We love you all so much!
Sunday, we were up and feeling so much better! Justin left at 5am to fish and actually placed 2nd in his tournament! YEAH! Finally some cash! Ha! Hadlea and I got dressed and headed to Oklahoma City to a baby shower that I was helping host. I thought Hadlea's outfit was just adorable! She had on a denim jumper from Gap, a pink sweater and shoes!
The shower was for Jimmy and Jessica who are expecting a baby girl on November 20. Jessica was another one of my high school best friends and was my MOH in my wedding. The shower was great! However, halfway through opening presents, Hadlea bailed off of the couch and AGAIN, face planted into the wood floor! And AGAIN, I felt like a terrible mother! It was past naptime and she was slowly losing it anyway, so we headed home! I hope you loved your shower, Jessica! You are THE cutest prego girl ever! I am super jealous of how good you look! And we can NOT wait to meet baby J! We love you!
 And yesterday, I received this sweet goodness in the mail! I won this monogrammed backpack from Miss Lucy's Monograms off of Lyndsie Gives Away! I was actually going to look for a different bag to takeout when we go to dinner. Since Hadlea is eating more table food these days, I do not need everything under the sun in her diaper bag. And this is THE perfect bag for us. If you need anything monogrammed, please check out Miss Lucy's Monograms and please ensure you follow Lyndsie Gives Away for her awesome giveaways!  
 awesome monogram and bow!
 and super cute pink and white polka dots inside! 
 And last week my cousin's Emily and Abbey stopped by to visit! I completely forgot to post their picture with Hadlea! Hadlea was having a TERRIBLE day so hopefully E and A will come back! Ha! Emily is planning her wedding for November 2011 and we cannot wait for it! She will make a beautiful bride, and there is just nothing better than a Kilian wedding! :) We love you both!
I hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I will post throughout the next few weeks, but no promises! These next few weeks are going to be beyond crazy! But...Grammie arrives Thursday, daddy goes to Medford to stay with Grampie. It should be a fun weekend! Plus, it is Grammie's birthday on 10/2 so we will get to spoil her on her birthday! Have a great week!


Erin said...

wow busy busy. Glad he brought home some money!!!

Both Avin and Alex had a rough few days of getting hurt!! I felt bad as well, but its ok they will make it and each bump and bruise will make them a stronger person!! That is what I tell myself anyways!

Emily said...

That backpack is so cute - you are the luckiest! I love how interested Hadlea was in all the animals. We took Asher to the zoo and he just watched all the other people. :o)

I cringe everytime Asher takes a spill. I know it's just going to happen more and more as they get more mobile. Glad Miss H is ok! She sounds like a tough cookie. Haha!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much! I loved my shower and was so excited that you and Hadlea could be there! Poor kid and her head diving this weekend :)

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