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Friday, September 03, 2010

friday, friday!

I am never more ready for a Friday until just before a holiday weekend! I always think the weeks go pretty fast because we are normally busy, or I am really busy at work, but this weekend has taken forever to arrive! I guess when you really want something {football, a long weekend, the lake}, it can seem like forever! Ha! We were originally planning to head North to Kansas City for the weekend to visit the Justice Family, but we decided to go low key and hang at home! Well...that would be too easy for us! :) We now have dinner plans, lake plans, LOTS of football plans, fishing plans and a visit to OKC to see Jake...all in our low key 3 days! Nice, huh!? But no doubt, it will be lots of fun with friends and family! And, I get to see a new sweet baby and an old friend! Doesn't get much better!

Last night I went to the gym and Nana came over. Justin, Nana and Hadlea went to a couple of stores and then met me for dinner! We went to Red.Robbin. {Nothing like a big fat cheese burger and fries after a REALLY great workout!} Ha! Anyway, I dressed Hadlea in the sweetest outfit...look familiar!? Who says you cannot wear the same outfit twice! :)
Remember this post? Hadlea at 5 months in her 'dress'!
I cannot believe how much she has grown in only 4 months!
And here...she is in my office, kissing the wall! No idea!
When we arrived home after dinner, it was bath time. I do not know what it is lately, but Hadlea poo's {gross, i know!} in the bath several nights a week! :( I mean really... We give her plenty of time after dinner while we play, but it never fails. A good 4 out of 7 nights she 'goes' in her tub....which daddy has to clean up! :) Those are just the rules! So...after she 'goes' I quickly get her out and move her to the kitchen sink to wash while daddy takes on his cleaning duties. She LOVES the sink. {Do you think she is smart enough to poo so she can move to the sink?! :) }
drinking the water... silly girl!
After bath, it was time to play and watch those Cowboys!
Playing with momma's hat!
Nothing better than MY baby girl in Dallas apparel! Ha!
Chasing her and funny faces!
And that lead us into the kitchen to play with her magnets.
I received this through the blogswap (which I need to blog about), and she LOVES it!
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Hopefully ours will be relaxing even when making it 100 places in 3 days! :) But I will be with the 2(and sometimes 3 when Berk gets to go) loves of my life!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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