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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wordless wednesday of videos

{..not really..}
My wordless wednesdays are never wordless...because I HAVE to explain! I just thought I would share a few videos that I just got uploaded. These are some of my favorites!
This first one is of Hadlea at her first Build-A-Bear. I told you the story about one of the bears being a Yorkie dog and how she about had a heart attack when she seen it. This video might have been the 100th time we showed it to her because we thought it was SO funny! You can see her start shaking after the first few seconds when she sees the dog. HILARIOUS!
I have been taking video of Hadlea crawling, and crying to get her newest crawl! She is crawling more now and doing the half walking thing...where she doesn't bend her her arms and legs are straight. She looks like....yep, a MONKEY! I did get this last night and thought it showed how mobile she was. She obviously was NOT going to look at me no matter how many times I called her name! :)
And this is Hadlea's newest 'trick'...and boy does she make her momma daddy proud! Ha! She grunts at you and thinks it is the funniest thing EVER! This is her daddy grunting at her the other night while eating. You have to listen a little closer to hear her, but she does grunt after him! Silly girl!
I think these are too funny!
I know the grandparents will love them!


Jenn said...

I love the videos. She's getting so big Heather! She's beautiful!

Jennifer said...

She is so funny! And BUSY!!! I miss those days! So fun!

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