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Thursday, August 26, 2010

play and kissing...

Every night when Justin and I get off work, we make sure we take time and play with Hadlea before doing anything else! She has normally just had a nap, so she is super funny and WIRED! These first two pictures are from the other day. Berkley is so excited to see Justin when he gets home from work so Justin has to take time to say hello to both of his 'babies'. When Justin drives in the driveway, Berkley starts barking and going crazy waiting on him to walk through the door. I think Hadlea has started to figure it out because the other day Berkley was barking at the door and Hadlea started crawling that way. Justin thought it was so funny that she met him at the door! :) He gave her a little love and then it was Berkley's turn, but Hadlea must not have been finished because she started trying to climb in the chair with them!
Last night, we were playing in the floor with her after work, and she headed for the doggy door. She is IN LOVE with it these days! But instead of playing with it, she pulled herself up to look outside. Berkley ran out the door and she stood and watched him and jabbered away! She thought it was so funny! I bet she spend every bit of 5 minutes just watching outside!
Justin and I just watched her and were lying in the floor talking. Next thing we know, she had managed to crawl underneath the dining table and was just hanging out...
and chewing on the chair! :)
Later on, we all got dressed and headed to dinner with friends! Hadlea is iffy when going out these days! As long as you continue to shove food in her face, she is great! But DO NOT STOP! She will let everyone in the restaurant know she is there and awaiting more food! :)
Once we got home, it was more play time and then the bath! She much prefers to stand these days and it doesn't change once she hits the water! We have to watch her very close so she doesn't slip!
Hadlea is into KISSING these days too! When you say, "give me a kiss", she starts making kissing noises with her lips and then she will give you the biggest, wettest kiss you have ever received! I have NEVER, in my life, loved a big open mouth kiss like this...but with her, I just cannot get enough!
And she will give you as many as you like!
After bath, it was bottle and rocking with momma time. This moment is the moment I look forward to all day. Not because she is going to bed, but she is calm and relaxed. She will just look at me with those big brown eyes and play with the ends of my hair while she eats. 95% of the time, she falls alseep while eating. And although I love that moment, I love this one too...the morning!
She is now standing up waiting on us to come get her. She normally gets up around 0830-0900. She is just as happy as can be. As soon as I walk in she is smiling ear to ear and then starts looking at the floor for Berkley! I get her and let Berk give her a little love and we are off to start our day and see the nanny...who is normally already there and waiting on her to wake up!
I know I read some blogs and often wonder if some of those people EVER have a bad day! Ha! Actually, my cousin, Michele, and I were having that conversation while in Florida. I often wonder if people think that about me because all of my post are positive. And while, I am like everyone else and I do have bad days, I have to say they are few and far between. I have an amazing husband, daughter, dog and family! Life is good. God is good, and He blesses me daily! I definitely want to share the best days of my life with all of you so I can look back on them later and remember just how perfect life was. I always seem to think that it cannot get any better, but He always proves me wrong!

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