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Thursday, August 19, 2010

naples fl - family pictures

As I said at the end of the day 3 post, we took our family pictures Friday evening! It was just the 6 of us and the trusty ol' tripod! :) When I take pictures or have them taken, I always hope for one good I really, really love. I can completely dislike the rest, but I always want one really amazing picture! That way, when I love more than one, I will not be disappointed! Ha! Sounds perfect, right?! So with using a tripod and having an 8 month old...I will have to say these pictures completely surpassed my expectations! They are beyond anything I could have wished for, with the sweetest people in the world and ones I love more than anything!
3 generations - Grammie, Hadlea and I
3 generations - Auntie B, Michele and Anna Grace
Anna and her Mimi
Two beautiful girls! Anna and Hadlea
The 6 of us!
My absolute favorite of all of us!
(I just love how Anna is leaning her head on her's the simple things!)
They are beyond photogenic! :)
Happy girl!
sweet girls...
sweet kisses!
And I LOVED the backs of these dresses! My mom had them made for the girls with their monogram on the front!
Anna and her momma/my cousin, Michele!
baby girl and me!
My momma and her sister!
Grammie, Mimi and their baby girls!
Michele and I and our baby girls!
oh sweet girl...i love  you!
I love this picture. I love these girls!
I love this background!
silly girl!
love this too!
and one last balcony picture!
I am so pleased with all of these! Now if we can all figure out which ones we want to print and frame! Isn't that the hardest part!?
Next up - Days 4 & 5!

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Erin said...

oh i love these pictures . . they are super cute :)

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