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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

naples fl, day 3

{There is an update on Jake below}
Friday (or day 3), we were up and ready to hit to pool! The pool overlooks the ocean and is such a great view. You can hear the sound of the waves, yet you don't have to worry about the sand getting in the bathing suit!! :) The best of both worlds! So after some breakfast...
and a little playtime in front of Hadlea's favorite window (who can blame her)...
we were in the pool! Hadlea, Anna Grace and I
such a little fish at 8 months!
Grammie laying out and Hadlea escaping from her own pool! :)
Hadlea and Anna playing in their 'boat'!
Auntie B taking in the views!
Happy girl!
We thought we would check out the ocean before the day ended...
and get some incredibly perfect pictures of a flower booty!
And then we all took showers and got ready... Momma and her baby girl!
And two sweet girls! Anna and Hadlea
Then we headed to Build-A-Bear! Anna wanted to go and Auntie B wanted to get Hadlea her first...of what I am sure will be many, Build-A-Bears! They has this Yorkie you could choose and when we would show H, she would go crazy! She would just laugh, shake, shiver, squeal, etc. It was hilarious! I guess she thought it was Berkley because that is what she does each time she seems him! We just couldn't stop showing it to her!
But after searching and searching, we chose this sweet dog. We knew he was a Red Sox fan from the moment we seen him! Meet Boston... (we know we made daddy proud!)
The girls and their bears/dogs!
After leaving the mall, we headed to Fresh Market for everyone (but myself) to pick out their favorite 'fresh' items! Me...I ordered a salad from the Chili's in the same parking lot! :) Fish and shrimp are not my thing!  Once we got home, we decided it was family picture night since it was so I bet you can guess what tomorrow's post will bring!
Stay Tuned!!

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