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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

naples fl - day 2

Day 2 started out just as you can imagine...AMAZING! There is nothing better than waking up to the sounds of the ocean and those views! We were able to watch a few dolphins jump around, but I never got any pictures. Then it was time to play and wait on Michele and Anna Grace to fly in. Hadlea had slept 14+ hours!! I guess getting up at 3am the previous day was tough work! It was for momma and grammie too! :) And thanks to Auntie B's other grandchildren, she had tons of toys to occupy Hadlea's time.
checking out the views...
and they arrive!
Anna Grace couldn't wait to get her hands on Hadlea!
Anna wanted to play rather than head straight to the beach. Hadlea couldn't have agreed more!
But after we got some lunch, we finally made it to the beach.
Hadlea, Michele, Anna and I
Auntie B and Anna Grace riding the waves.
Auntie B had picked up Hadlea a pool, and she loved it!
Trying to get Hadlea used to the water. She wasn't so sure of the waves!
Anna Grace and Hadlea
Gigi, Grammie and their girls
Grammie, Hadlea and I
The girls playing in the sand and water.
Auntie B and Hadlea
Aunt Deana and Anna
Grammie, Hadlea and Anna.
There were tons of big sail boats! Love them!
That evening, we all got ready and headed out to eat. Auntie B and Michele bought the girls matching dresses that were too cute! We went to an outdoor shopping mall and looked around before eating. This mall is pretty upscale with Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. It was fun to check it all out!
Up Next - Day 3

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Erin said...

so cute . . you all almost have matching swim suits ha ha :)

Looks like a blast!

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