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Monday, August 16, 2010

making memories...naples, fl - Day 1

(I will continue to update on Jake. Please check this post for updates.)

Last year, Justin and I went on a trip with our friend's Michael and Shannan to my aunt's condo in Naples, FL. This year, we decided we needed a girls family trip. My Aunt Becky(mom's sister) owns the condo. And we made it a 3 generations party!! :) Here is our group...
My mom, Hadlea and I
My Aunt/my mom's sister-Becky, her daughter/my cousin-Michele, and Michele's daughter, Anna Grace
We had an amazing time! I just cannot put into words how special these people are to me...and to have them to myself for a week on a beach is about the greatest thing ever! :) I love that Auntie B and Uncle Bimpsie are willing to share their place with us. They really are amazing people!

I have TONS of pictures to share. I don't want to over load you with so much cuteness so I will try to do a post for each day we were there! We did take family pictures so I will share those in one post as well! So let's start from the beginning...
I thought it would be a brilliant idea to take a 5am flight out so Hadlea would sleep. My mom came and stayed the night before as we had to leave my house by 3am. So mom and I got up, got ready, packed the car before ever getting Hadlea out of her crib. Once we were ready, I got Hadlea and headed for the car. She woke up, but I assumed(and we all know what assuming does :) she would fall asleep in the car on the way to the airport. But, NOPE! She was too excited to start her very first vacation! So at 330am...she waved at every single person that walked by...
As we boarded our flight at 5am, she was still wide awake. She was taking in all of it!
Now, here is the part where I SO WISH I could go on and on about how amazing she was, but that is NOT going to happen! She was really good for the first 45 minutes of the 1.5 hour plane ride, but just about the middle of the flight, she started getting sleepy...she started fighting her sleepy...and momma was wishing she could crawl in a hole-y! Ha! Did I forget to mention that we were the very first seats behind first class!? Yep, we were! (add in another cringe here!) Hadlea started getting pretty loud at one point so I decided to stand in the isle and bounce her. As I stood up and looked towards the back of the plane, there were only about 3...THREE cargo lights on...which means the ENTIRE plane was asleep...or trying! I felt terrible! Thankfully, we were sitting next to a nice lady and her 5 year old daughter. She kept reassuring me that more of the plane felt sorry for me rather than getting mad at me. She said it had happened to her so many times! It was nice of her, but it didn't make me feel any better! :) Hadlea finally passed out towards the last 30 minutes of the flight and slept through getting off the plane and finding our next connection!
Once she woke up, we changed her and got her something to eat. She loved watching the planes and workers out of the windows. She was in a great mood..and of course, like always, she said Hi to everyone that we passed!
The second flight was great! Hadlea loved to look out the window as we took off!
I LOVE this picture!
She also got in a little Baby Einstein on her DVD Player!
And then we arrived in paradise! This place is simply amazing!
This is off the condo's balcony.
This is from inside the condo looking off of the balcony!
She obviously loves the views!
Living room area!
All windows overlook the ocean!
And within minutes...we were off to the beach. I could not wait to see how Hadlea would react to the sand and water! with Grammie and Auntie B...
Her first touch of sand!
and she was NEVER sure about it!
Auntie B got her some toys!
The first day was great! I am so blessed with an amazing baby girl! She is up for long as she doesn't have to get up at 3am! :) And after an amazing day, it's hard to believe they can get any better. But watching a sunset is like the desert after an amazing meal. Beautiful!
Up next...Day 2
The arrival of Michele and Anna Grace!

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Erin said...

love seeing the pictures :) Looks like an amazing time.

still thinking about your family and jake!

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