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Monday, August 30, 2010

lake with family and jake update...

We had a GREAT weekend!
I LOVE lake days, especially with family!
Grammie arrived on Thursday night after taking Jake back to Edmond to his own home. She got him stocked up on groceries and clean laundry and then headed our way. My mom is the greatest mom, EVER! I really could go on and on...maybe I should write a post about her, but I am pretty sure you all would vomit! Ha! She really is that amazing! She has been through a roller coaster of emotions over the past few weeks. She never once left Jake at the hospital other than to shower or sleep, which is EXACTLY what I think a mother should do! And although I feel like I am normally the rock of my family, I wasn't during Jake's injuries. My mom was my rock. She always assured me he would be okay, even on the days she might not have believed it herself. I am so proud of my mother. I am so proud to call her my mom. I just hope one day I am half the mother to Hadlea that she has been to my brothers and I! Thank you for all you do mom! {I will make a 'Jake Update' at the end!}

My mom had drove over on Thursday evening as we had Amanda's Aunt's funeral on Friday. It was a Creek Indian type funeral and it was so interesting. They sang several songs in Creek. Friday evening, my uncle Gary and his daughter/my cousin Kelsey and her husband, Kyle, arrived at our house. They are from Kansas and were staying the night so we could head to the lake bright and early Saturday morning! My cousin Tyler and his wife, Shawna, arrived at the house Saturday morning from Kansas as well, and we all made it to the lake.
Shawna and I
Kelsey and I
Tyler and I
Shawna and Justin
Shawna, Tyler and Justin
Kyle, Tyler and Kelsey
Tyler and Justin
Uncle Gary(my godfather) and I
{and shawna's awesome picture taking skills}
You might remember 'this' post...where I talked about the crazy kids jumping off of the cliffs and how I would have done it years ago, but I was somewhat making the assumption I would never do it now! Well..
I did it!
Kelsey, Shawna and I did it to be exact!
You can see the 3 of us on the right.
{If you have ever wondered about what you would think about as you fell off a building. I can tell you that you will not think of one single thing! It goes TOO fast! :) }
The lake was such a great time! My dad has 11 brothers and sisters and I have a special relationship with each one! I am so thankful that my uncle and cousins want to spend time with us! And get to see our baby girl! It was just a great day on the lake! girl was ready for church!
And then a little play time before we headed with Grammie to BRU!
I am IN LOVE with her ruffle bottom shorts from Grammie!
Hadlea's new way to sit around! :)
Sunday evening, we got a few special visitors! Berkley's cousin, Avery...
and Hadlea's Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda!
The more Hadlea is around Grammie, A&A, the more she knows them! She is staring to go to them more or not cry when they take her! I just love it!
And I know he LOVES her with everything he has!
And Hadlea LOVES Avery!
Avery loves to play fetch and Hadlea gets so excited to see Avery running back with the ball!
But she gets a little nervous when Avery comes running up to her to give her the ball! :)
Grammie left this morning to go to Oklahoma City to take Jake to 2 dr appointments. I had to work and had a lunch to go to. I took Hadlea with me! I just thought she looked too cute! :)
happy girl!
She looks TOO big in this picture!
i just love her to pieces!
Jake Update: Jake is improving daily! He had two dr appointments today. The first one, he had his staples removed. The surgeons thought it was healing nicely and were happy with everything! He had a second appointment this afternoon regarding his eyes. He has perfect vision in both eyes, but not when he looks at something using both. He has double vision. They are still hoping it will correct itself, but if it doesn't, he will have eye surgery to fix it! We do hope it fixes itself soon! Jake does not want any more surgeries, but he does need to see. The double vision also gives him headaches, which he doesn't need either! Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers! We will update as things change or for any future appointments!

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