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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jake's Progress...Update 3

My little brother has been in an accident and is currently in ICU in Oklahoma City. I have been posting updates on facebook, but I want them in one place so he can see them when he gets out. I have tons of pictures from our trip along with a 8 month post for the sweet girl! She is doing amazing! She is crawling everywhere and is saying new words! Hopefully things settle down over the next few weeks to catch up...until then, we need our baby boy healed and back to normal!

Posted Monday, August 9 PM
Jake(my little brother) was hit in the face by a line drive while pitching tonight. He was taken by ambulance to the ER. He has multiple fractures to his face, cracked skull, broken nose and maybe some missing teeth. He seized once while trying to be flown to OU Medical Center in OKC. He is now more stable and has arrived there by ambulance. He has no swelling or bleeding on the brain. Please say prayers that stays the same. He will need multiple surgeries after all of this, but we know he will pull through. We ask for your prayers!

Posted Tuesday, August 10 AM
Jake is in stable condition. His swelling has went down some. Trauma team is waiting to see what the next steps will be. He will need surgery(s) to reconstruct his forehead/nose area. He does have a fragment from his skull next to his brain but that can be taken out during surgery. Thankfully it didn't puncture the brain. He does have a subdural hematoma on the left side. They will monitor that as well. His nose and nasal cavity area are crushed and will have to be rebuilt. He has opened his eyes and responded. A long road ahead, but we know he is a fighter. Thanks so much for the prayers. Keep them coming!

Posted Tuesday, August 10 mid-afternoon
The drs will be rounding soon. There is no change this afternoon. We are waiting to hear when his surgery will be. He will squeeze our hands and move his toes. He tries to open his eyes but they are very swollen. Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. We are documenting everything so Jake will know how loved he is. Some of you have asked for an address...

OU Medical Center
Jake Kilian ICU Room 2001
700 NE 13th St
Oklahoma City OK 73104
Posted Wednesday, August 11 AM
Sorry I am just getting to another update. Jake has made some amazing progress! Yesterday afternoon, they started weaning him off of the ventilator and his sedation medication. He started to wake up more and more. He was answering commands by shaking his head or squeezing our hands. Later in the day, he made a sign with his hand to write. He wrote that he wanted his eyes cleaned out. He doesn't realize how swollen his face is and cannot open his eyes well. We pray that the swelling continues to go down so he will be able to open his eyes. Yesterday evening, the vent was taken out. His throat is very sore, but he was saying words. This morning he said he remembers getting hit by the baseball, but doesn't remember any of yesterday or anyone coming to see him. We have continued to tell him everyone that has been by and everyone that has called and/or written. Please know if you have called me or my parents or if you have text or emailed us, that we are getting your messages. We thank you for them and your prayers. We are going on very little sleep, but it is so worth it to see Jake starting to come back. We are still waiting on the surgery date. We are hoping sooner rather than later, but it could be next week. He will stay in the hospital until his surgery. At this time, we do not know the recovery time for the surgery.

Posted Wednesday, August 11 PM
Jake has made major improvements throughout the day! His swelling has gone down even more and he is starting to open his eyes for longer periods of time. He was able to get out of bed today and brush his teeth. He set in a chair for most of the afternoon. He has also ate two meals...or picked at them. His surgery could be Monday. He could also be moved out of ICU in the next day or two if his progress continues. He met with a speech pathologist today and will meet with them again tomorrow. His voice is week but getting strong all of the time. Thank you so much for the outpour of love and support. You all are truly amazing.

Posted Thursday, August 12 PM
Each day Jake is improving and looking better! I really cannot thank each of you enough for the prayers. Someone wrote on their page, "the good thing about being from a small town is when something like this happens, you have an entire community behind you. everyone's praying for you jake." I do not believe there are truer words! People have also send scriptures and it always seems to be at the exact moment you need them! We all have tough moments when it really hits you. It is sometimes very hard to look at him, but to remember what he looked like just a few days ago reminds you that God is hearing our prayers and the healing process has begun! Jake was able to get up this morning and walk. I had no idea it could be that quick...again, its the prayers and Him working His amazing miracles! The surgery has been moved to Tuesday afternoon...or so it is for now. They tell us it could change at anytime. We still do not know how long the surgery will take or the recovery process. Jake is ready to get out of ICU(and the hospital for that matter) so hopefully he will get his own room soon. Jake is seeing better each day. We read all of his fb messages yesterday. He is so shocked that so many people know and are thinking/praying for him. Thanks for keeping his spirits up!

Posted Friday, August 13 PM
Jake is doing great! His swelling has went down so much and he is starting to look like Jake! :) He is laughing and joking! Such a great sound! He has been moved out of ICU and into his own room. He is now in room 515 West. His surgery is now Tuesday afternoon. Thanks again for the continued support!

Jake's new address...

OU Medical Center
Jake Kilian Room 515 West
700 NE 13th St
Oklahoma City OK 73104

Posted Sunday, August 15 AM
Jake is continuing to improve. Yesterday he showered, shaved and got to put on clothes! He looked so much better. Surgery is still set for Tuesday. The surgeon will be by tomorrow to fill us in on the details of the surgery. Thanks so much for the continued prayers. We have no doubt He heard every single one. Jake is still amazed at the number of people that have been praying, the number of people that have sent cards and the number of people that have stopped by. Thanks again for everything!

Posted Tuesday, August 17 AM
Jake's surgery is scheduled for 2pm today. Please say a prayer for him and his medical team. We have faith knowing Jake will be 100% in no time. His surgery will take 5-7 hours. We will let you know once he is out and safe.

Posted Tuesday, August 17 PM
Jake had his surgery yesterday. It took just over 5 hours. His head was cut across the top about from ear to ear. He had an indention in his forehead that they cut out and moved outward to remove the indention and then they put a plate over it. While that piece of skull was removed, they removed the large fragment that was floating by his brain. He has plates above both eyes due to the number of fractures in them. His nose was completely crushed. They took the largest piece of bone that was left to rebuild the bridge of his nose. They put a plate on the back side behind that piece of bone. He has tubes coming out of his nose that they are using to form his new nasal cavity over. Those tubes will be removed in 3 weeks. After his swelling has went down and face is somewhat back to normal, he will have to have a second surgery on his nose.


Erin said...

I have told you this on facebook already but I have been thinking about you and your family and your brother all week. I am so sorry you guys are going through this and I hope he has a speedy recovery. i can't imagine going through this.

please let me know if you need anything.

sending big hugs your way!

Emily said...

How awful! I'm glad your brother is doing so much better already. We'll be praying for continued recovery!

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