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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jake, prayers & iphone photos

Jake was released from the hospital last answer to so many prayers! He is in Medford now staying with my parents. He will go back next week to get the staples out of his head, and then we should know more about future surgeries or checkups. Please continue to pray for his full recovery!

Please also say a prayer for my future SILs family. She lost her aunt to cancer early this morning. Her aunt fought so hard, and Amanda and her family never left her aunt's side! Many of you know I love Amanda to death, but if I didn't have respect for her before, I do today! She was amazing to her aunt during this process. She is one of the strongest people I have ever met! Now that her aunt has gone to be with the Lord and is pain free, I pray that Alan, Amanda and her family get rest and have peace in knowing she is in a much better place!

I was looking through my iPhone pictures last night and thought I would share a few! Since the last couple of weeks have been so crazy, I do not have a ton to share. I was cleaning the kitchen the other night and as I started unloading the dishwasher, Hadlea came a'crawling along! She thought it was so fun to stand and watch me! She just jabbered and squealed with excitement the entire time!
This picture is on our way to the hospital this past Saturday. I have said before that we do not call her Monkey for no reason....she is a little ape in the making! Ha! She does everything with her feet!
Wouldn't she make the cutest milk mustache baby!? :)
And this is from last Tuesday, 8/17. I was at the hospital waiting on Jake to come out of surgery and daddy sent me this picture of her in the bath! Nana was at the house helping that night too. I thought it was just too funny! Her hair is getting longer and thicker. It is SO straight, just like mine and is OUT OF CONTROL! :)
I haven't blogged much about our schedule at the hospital. Jake was in the hospital in Oklahoma City, which is about 1.5 hours from where we live. There were many days I would take off early from work and drive to spend a few hours with him and then drive back that evening. Justin would be home after work to get H from the nanny. He was so good just to jump in and help! I know he wanted to be with us at the hospital, but we didn't want Hadlea at the hospital 100% of the time. It was stressful enough without having her, and with her there, I stressed even more. I never wanted her to touch the floors, so when she was there, she was being held or hanging out in her stroller. When she was there, she was perfect! I know some people might wonder if she really is that good, and I have to say ABSOLUTELY! Everyone would take turns pushing her around or walking with her to see something different. There was a window with tons of pigeons and everyone loved to take her there because she would get so excited! So thanks to everyone that helped with her at the hospital, and thanks to my amazing husband for understanding that I needed to be with my brother too. I know my family and I are exhausted! Driving back and forth and living at the hospital for 2 weeks definitely takes a toll on your body! But we are happy to have Jake home and on his road to recovery!


Emily said...

So glad that Jake is doing better!

Hadlea would make the perfect milk mustache commercial - too cute!!

Erin said...

so glad Jake we released and so sorry about Amanda's aunt.

love all the images as always!

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