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Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 8 Months, Hadlea!

An 8 month post...better late than never, I guess! :) I am so late in posting Hadlea's 8 month stats, but in very good reason! Please continue to say prayers for Hadlea's Uncle Jake. He is improving daily, but we cannot wait until he is 100% and pain free! I know Hadlea will be so excited to play with him soon!

Monthly Comparison: 5/6/7/8 Months
I am pretty sure every new picture I take is my all-time FAVORITE! I feel like Hadlea is growing out of the baby-baby phase and into a baby toddler phase...if that makes sense at all! :) She is just the happiest thing I have ever been around. She makes us laugh constantly and is into EVERYTHING! I have never said, "NO-NO" so many times in my entire life! But it always ends with a smile because she starts shaking her head no-no and grins from ear-to-ear! I honestly cannot imagine life without this sweet girl or her daddy or her brother. My life is complete and my heart is so full...of love, laughter, thankfulness, praise...I could go on and on...but I know you want to see pictures! Ha! And this it not the cutest thing ever!? You can have them made here. Thanks to Hillary...we LOVE it!!
What is Hadlea up to?!
  • She is eating every 3 hours during the day, anywhere from 2-6 ounces. She is NEVER consistent.
  • She eats solid food two times a day. Hadlea has started a dislike for baby food. I am really not ready to start planning meals other than opening a container! Ha! However, we have started eating real fruit, yogurt, whole peas, green beans and carrots. She seems to love them! I need to come up with more of a variety!
  • She is sleeping 10-12 hours! (She is too amazing!)
  • Her schedule: 4-6 ounces at 8AM, 3-4 ounces at 11AM, solid food after 11AM bottle, 3-4 ounces at 2PM, 3-4 ounces at 5PM, dinner at 7PM, then bath time, 3-4 ounces at 8PM, and then bed between 8-9PM.
  • She is eating puffs, yogurt melts, crackers, string cheese and fruit for snacks.
  • She still only has two teeth (on the bottom)
  • She is in size 1-2 diapers. (I am thankful for the half size diapers now! :) 1s are too small and 2s are too big.)
  • She wears a size 2 shoe.
  • She can now put the pacifier in all by her self! (And we are still praising the Lord :)
  • She sleeps with 4 pacifiers in her crib since she can put them in by herself. No more middle of the night runs to find the pacifier! YEAH!
  • She LOVES bath time. (She is still in her bath tub inside our master bath.)
  • She loves to splash!
  • She is wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes. (I feel like it took forever for her to grow into her 6 month stuff...but I am loving all of the new outfits she can wear!)
  • She knows her mommy and daddy and knows exactly when we walk in OR OUT of a room! She definitely has mommy/daddy attachment issues! But we love it!
  • She gets to spend Tuesday and Thursday evenings with her daddy while momma goes to the gym.
  • She LOVES Berkley. You can say, "where's your brother?" And she immediately starts looking around!
  • She is saying Bubba and Dadda. (hello...who carried you for 10 months!? jk...I love it!)
  • She says no-no.
  • She waves and says Hi to everyone she sees!
  • She claps when you say, "Yeah"!
  • She makes a kissing sound with her lips when you say, "give me a kiss"!
  • She shakes her head when you say, "no-no"!
  • She is crawling...EVERYWHERE! Baby proofing is in full force!
  • She is pulling up on everything!
  • She has had her first boo-boo and black eye! (You can see it in the picture below in the upper corner of her left eye. She pulled up on the coffee table and fell and hit the corner. Poor girl!!)
  • She is loving all of her toys. She loves any of them that play music.
  • She LOVES other kids. She just wants to touch them!
  • She loves music videos on CMT. She will sit and watch them for hours!
  • She is the happiest when she wakes up from sleeping and gives the biggest smile.
  • She is noisy! She is always making noises: laughing, squealing, grunting, etc! She loves attention and will do anything in public to get it!
  • She gets to stay at home every day with me. The nanny, Ashli, and her son Michael come to the house every day.
  • She loves to be outside! Especially watching Berkley run around!
  • She loves to drink water out of a cup.
  • She has finally figured out the sippy cup!
  • She is in her crib in her own room.
  • I do not know her weight, but I think she has had a large growth spurt. I would guess close to 19+lbs! 
Hadlea Easton,
I wish there were words I could write to tell you exactly how I feel about you, but they do not exist. I love you more and more each day! I love you more today than I did yesterday, but I will love you even more tomorrow! You are the most perfect thing I have ever experienced! Your daddy and I wonder every day what we did to deserve you. We are so thankful that the good Lord chose us to be your parents! You show your personality more and more each month, and I always think I cannot possibly laugh at you anymore, but you always prove me wrong! You are constantly cracking us up! Multiple times a day, I pray that God will help me be the best mommy possible along with being your very best friend. I hope and pray I have the knowledge to help mold you into the very best person you can be! I love you so much sweet girl! You melt my heart in so many ways, yet it is so full! I cannot wait to see what the next month will bring!
Love always, mommy.


Jennifer said...

Adylyn was so excited when I told her there were new pictures of Hadlea! We miss her! Her hair is getting longer! Happy 8 months H! You are beautiful and you have a wonderful mommy and daddy! Can't wait to see you again!

Erin said...

oh ym goodness look at her! love this post! she is so cute. love hearing about everything she is up to. You are one lucky mommy and she is one lucky girl to have you as her mommy!!!

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