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Monday, August 02, 2010

baby proofing and a wedding

Justin and I are beginning to think it is time to baby proof the house! And Hadlea is like, "WHAT?! As if I get into anything!"
Oh but sweet girl, we have proof! You are into EVERYTHING!
And although crawling on top of the fireplace seems fun, it may really, REALLY hurt when you fall and hit your head! (which hasn't happened yet, thankfully!)
And this picture has nothing to do with anything...but she LOVES the bath and splashing and just thought it was funny!
This past weekend, we went to my parents for my cousin's wedding. We got in Friday night after midnight because daddy had to work late. YUCK! Saturday morning we got up for pictures. They turned out SO good...I will share some tomorrow. Although it was HOT! It was 100+ degrees and no breeze!
After pictures, we went to my parents and took naps...or tried. Hadlea slept for 2 hours, Justin slept for 4 hours and I slept for about 30 minutes. I am just NOT a napper! I always feel worse after a nap so I just opt out! Later that evening, we all got ready for the wedding and my Uncle Gary stopped by. Gary is my Godfather and my dad's brother! He is the best ever and Hadlea knows it too! She LOVED him! :)
The wedding was beautiful! As was the bride!
Here is the bride, Sara, and her sister, Amanda.
(Thanks AZ, I stole your pic! :)
After the wedding, we headed to the reception. But not without showing Hadlea off to a few people first! Ha! This is Robert. I dated one of Robert's sons through most of high school. I swear this guy is the nicest man ever! I just love going back home to see old friends...and having a sweet girl to show off is nice too! :)
The reception was so much fun! Hadlea didn't have an afternoon nap so she melted REALLY fast! Once it was time for bed, Grammie took her back home so I could catch up with some old friends and/or cousins!
Cousins...Kelsey, Abbey and I
with my cousin Shawna who just had baby Emery!
my cousin Tyler and the hubby!
and with my cousin, Amanda, sister of the bride.
Amanda and I keep trying to figure out how her son and Hadlea look alike. Growing up, everyone thought Amanda and I were sisters. So I understand that our kids could look similar, but Jake(her son) looks exactly like his dad! It is so strange. I really need to do a post on how much they look alike!
We got up Sunday morning, had breakfast and then played outside with Hadlea and Berkley before leaving to come back home. This John Deere tractor has been in our family for years. Every kid that comes to our house HAS to ride it...and I guess H is no different! She loved it!
On the way home, I got out Hadlea's DVD player that Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda had bought her for Christmas. I wasn't so sure she would really watch it, but I thought I would try it out. She was glued watching Baby Einstein! I was giving her some puffs, and Justin and I were laughing at her. She looked like a little kid just kicked back with a snack watching a movie! She really is the funniest thing I have ever met!
I will try to get our new pictures posted tomorrow. I also have some really great videos of Hadlea. She is now waving hi, saying Bubba and shaking her head no! And I have managed to get them all on video! Yeah!
We will be packing tonight for our FL trip! I am still so nervous about traveling with H on a plane. I sure hope that goes away soon! But I am sure the only thing that will cure it is the landing after it is over! :)

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you this weekend!! We are talking about when a good weekend is to come see you guys! So watch out for the Zollinger's!!

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