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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weekend cookout...

So I am just getting to our was a busy one! Justin left Friday after work to head to his fishing tournament. It wasn't until Saturday, but him and his partner got a hotel room to spend the night. They had to be on the water by 430AM and leaving from the house would have him getting up at no sleep. I know he always enjoys hanging with all of the other guys at the hotel too! As Justin was leaving, Grammie and Grampie were arriving! They were coming into town for a cookout at my brother's on Saturday. But Friday evening we headed to Aunt Amanda's Office. She is a Chiropractor. And thank the Lord, we all LOVE to get adjusted! But before leaving, just a couple of pictures...
my baby and me...
Hadlea with her Grammie and Grampie
Hadlea and her Grampie
Uncle Alan showed up with Avery. Hadlea LOVES all dogs so she was thrilled to see Avery! Every time Avery would walk by her she would just shake to touch him and squeal so loud! She loved to 'ride' Avery!
And sit on her!
After leaving Aunt A's office, we headed to Hideaway Pizza. Hideaway might be some of the best pizza ever! They are only in Oklahoma. They also have the BEST Caesar Salads! The big girl now gets her own seat! She loves it, but more than that, she loves the people. She is so much like her daddy...a people watcher! Ha! (And yes, I forgot the high chair cover..gross..but I did sanitize it before she set down! :)
Saturday morning, I got up and went for an hour massage! It was amazing and exactly what I needed! It was a gift from Aunt Amanda and Uncle Alan. Although I secretly think they gave it so they would get to babysit! :) But that is fine by me...I think I will trade her for an hour massage any day...after all, it is only an hour! After the massage, we headed to A&A's pool. Hadlea is such a water baby! She swam off and on for about 4-5 hours. Here she is with Grammie in her frog pool from Aunt Amanda!
swimming with mommy...
Swimming with Grammie and Grampie
Here are Grampie and Hadlea watching Avery swim! Avery is a swimming machine and swam the entire 5 hours or so we were outside! It is beyond crazy!
Avery jumping for her ball!
swimming with Grampie
and swimming with Uncle Jake!
Avery floating with her daddy!
Alan, Avery and Hadlea!
She LOVED swimming with Avery!
Hadlea's first surf! Ha!
She loved the surf board!
Uncle Alan, Hadlea and I.
All of us minus Justin!
After swimming all day, we cooked out steak, chicken, potatoes, asparagus, and corn. We had Caesar Salad and I made a chocolate cake for desert. Justin showed up just in time for dinner! It was such a good day!
On Sunday, we went to church and then relaxed. I went to get my hair cut and colored while Hadlea went back to Alan and Amanda's to swim. Once I got home, cousin James came over for dinner.
The weekend was great! We have a busy week and then off to the lake the next two weekends! Now if the rain will hold off on the weekends!


Grammie said...

Best week-end ever!!!!

Mrs. Southern said...

The picture of her laying on the float is precious!

Unknown said...

You can tell your dad is a farmer. His legs were as white as the bottom of the pool! LOL! Great picture's I am glad you all had a great weekend!

Erin said...

love love love that picture of her on the surf board what a cutie. She is so cute :)

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad Justin made it in time for dinner!

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