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Thursday, July 15, 2010

pic / sleep / momma / berkley

I should NEVER take a picture of something I do not want to share because I ALWAYS end up sharing! I orderd Hadlea a new onesie the other day, and I just got it in Monday. I could not wait to take her picture last night! I will tell more about it in a few days...but I could NOT help but share...she is so darn adorable! 
After our little 'photo shoot', H went down for a nap! When I went to wake her up so we could go run some erronds with daddy, this is how I found her. The first picture is before I snapped the camera. Once the camera went off, she moved a little. Justin, Berkley and I stood and watched her for about 5 minutes before she turned and looked at us! It was such a fun moment!
Baby and Momma!
And this is what I am looking at as I type.
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!
So close to the weekend and the lake with great friends!


Erin said...

I love the tutu picture, where did you get her onesie from?

Love her sleeping, love sleeping babies.

Emily said...

She is so beautiful!

I want to know where you got the onesie too -- I love personalized stuff!

Emily said...

Sure, you can email me at


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