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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday on the lake...

You know those times you always tell your friends how you really need to get together and catch up! I am pretty sure my friends and I tell each other that every time we talk! happens. Most of us have kids now and it is just difficult! So a couple of weeks ago, we finally made plans to meet at the lake! I so wish I could have had every single girl friend that I have had along my path in life, but the pontoon is only so big! I have some amazing friends. And it is always like we were never apart! We relive funny memories or maybe times we got into trouble! There is just never a dull moment! I just hope that Hadlea never has stories to share about the times she got into trouble!! Ha! But I am sure that is just alot of 'hoping' on my part! :)
We got up Saturday morning and headed to Skiatook Lake! Hadlea was ready...
but not without her shades! :)
stylin' in her shades! precious girl...
Cat, Kate and Alea at the lake
Taran, Trevin and G
daddy and his baby girl
our little family!
Jenelle in from Minnesota!
geesh..I had forgot how much I loved her!
James and Jenelle
more daddy/daughter time
mommas and babies...
Hadlea/me, Taran/Trevin, Cat/Katelyn
they would make a cute family, but..
James scared her to death! Ha!
It was such a good day on the water! We had a great time catching up with friends. Hadlea was so amazing! It is like she was born to swim! Ha! She just splashes around and kicks her feet. Once while I was holding her in the water, she fell asleep and then woke up as we put her back in the boat! Justin and I love the lake as you can probably guess! We are just so blessed that Hadlea loves it too! I think about some of my friends that have babies that hate the water. I honestly do not know what we would do!! :)

I will be posting about Sunday and Monday tomorrow. Tonight, I am going to the gym while daddy and Hadlea play. Hopefully daddy will have dinner ready when I get home! I won't hold my breath... :)

1 comment:

Erin said...

your friend from MN, I think you should come visit her and then we can meet :) Sound like a plan, ok sounds good to me!! Make it happen.

I know what you mean about always saying you need to catch up and never doing it. It is so hard with families and everything that is going on. Glad you made time to do it!

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