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Thursday, July 22, 2010

onto Sunday/Monday...

First off, please continue to pray for the Goff Family. We took dinner to the house last night, and it was much harder than I had expected. I know they are going through the worst pain of their lives, but I don't think you can really get yourself ready for the experience. We were there for about two minutes. I had no idea what to say except I am sorry and call if you need anything. I know people do not know what to say in a time like this. When we lost Justin's dad, people would call me to check on him and they did not know what to say either. But I remember Justin feeling comfort in knowing people cared. So I just hope they know we care and are here for anything! Life is just too crazy at times...

So now onto recapping the rest of our weekend. Sunday we got up and ready for church. Here is Little Ms in her Polo outfit! I think it is just adorable and makes her look WAY dark (in person, not so much with the flash)...she is part Spanish afterall! I just LOVE her skin!
And I tried to get a picture with her new pillow! It turned out so adorable...the pillow, not the picture! :) I guess she would rather use it as a foot rest!
After church we grabbed lunch and then were off to the lake...again! We did go back to Skiatook. Here is our niece Hannah! {And I have some videos of her singing I will post another day...nothing cuter than a 4yo singing 'I love Rock and Roll' and 'The Star Spangled Banner'..hilarious!}
a sleepy Hadlea
me...courtesy of Hannah!
Justin, my nephew Riley and SIL, Leslie
Heading out on the boat...Hannah and Uncle Justin
Riley and Uncle Justin
and a happy baby girl!
Hadlea LOVES Riley! She gets so excited to see him and then cannot take her eyes off of him! He is pretty much the only guy that she doesn't freak out with! :)
Ready to swim!
Hannah and Les
Hadlea wasn't into the water much the second day. I guess she had enough the first day! So we all took turns playing with her on the boat!
Riley did alot of this...jumping off!
Hannah, Les, Ry
My baby boy! I love him SO much!
Oh Hannah...{if you only knew this would just smile looking at her!}
Daddy and his baby girl
Hannah, Riley and I
The 3 babies! Hannah, Riley and Hadlea
I love them oh so much!
On Monday, I took a vacation day so I could spend another day with Riley and Hannah. Leslie and I took them to the water park and they had so much fun! I went off and forgot my camera so this is all I have!
Riley did several of the big water slides and I joined him. I hadn't done them in years. They were pretty fun! :) Hannah loved the small frog slide and went down it a million times. Hadlea loved the water and watching all of the kids. We were there about 4 hours and the kids were great the entire time!

I have gym today so another night for Hadlea and her daddy! I did joke on Tuesday about Justin having dinner ready when I got home from the gym...not only did he have dinner ready, he had Hadlea fed and in the bath when I got home! He doesn't read my blog so I know he didn't get any hints. Then I assumed that he was wanting something, but so far he hasn't ask to buy some large purchase! :) He is just one amazing husband and daddy!

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Erin said...

He just wants some lovin ha ha ha ;)!

Looks like a fun weekend and I am sorry it had to turn to such a horrible week. Thinking about your friends and their family.

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