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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MIA & another lake weekend...

Sorry I have been MIA the last few days! We had an excellent weekend and the last few days have been crazy! I know some of you have been checking the blog non-stop for our weekend pictures...and all I have to say is "maybe you need a hobby"! Ha! Just Kidding! I am kind of flattered that people check the ol' 'Huskey Happenings' to see what we are up to! I started this blog way back in 2005 as a way of documenting things for Justin and I. I didn't stick with it on a regular basis, but once Hadlea came along, I wanted to make sure I had everything documented that she was doing! I hope one day we can look back at each post and laugh at the things she did, show her how blessed and loved she is/was and all of the fun things she has done along her path in life! Thanks so much for following our journey. I really do not think that we are all that interesting, but some of you must! :)

This might have been our last lake weekend for a few weeks, which makes me very sad! (even though we will be heading to the beach next week {YEAH} i just cannot stand the thought of not being on the lake.) Anyway...Michael, Shannan, Kennedy and Brynlee headed down to Oklahoma from Kansas City. Michael's parents live on Lake Tenkiller in eastern Oklahoma. They were kind enough to invite us to stay at their house as we normally camp or get a cabin. It was such a great weekend, and they always go too fast! Here is our crew heading out on the water...
KK, Mike, Hadlea, Shannan, Justin, Me Brynlee
Brynlee, Hadlea and Auntie Shan(hadlea's godmother)
Justin getting a little help driving from B!
and from KK!
Aunt Shannan and Hadlea
Daddy Mike and his girls
KK, Hadlea and Shan watching the cliff jumpers...
These kids are crazy! Although I know I would have done it a few years ago!
Saturday evening, we had a cookout at Michael's parents. Michael's brother, SIL and nephew came, along with Shannan's parents. We had the best Ribs and Wine-A-Rita's! I have never had a Wine-A-Rita and if you haven't, you should! They seriously are amazing! You can see them here. And no headache the next morning that wine normally gives me! Ha! 
Sunday morning we got up and headed back to the lake! Hadlea is about to fall off of her chair in this picture, but Brynlee's smile was just too cute!
Hadlea on the boat!
Kisses from Auntie Shan
KK getting ready to go in the water!
Ms B getting some sun! :)
Hadlea playing with her toys! She wasn't so much into the water like she normally is! Maybe she needs a break after her 3rd weekend at the lake!
And did you notice something new about Hadlea?! She has her very first pigtail/ponytail! I just think it is the cutest thing ever! Oh how I look forward to the days of pigtails! I love them so much on little girls! Hopefully she will love to have her hair done! Hopefully! Ha!
The weekend was amazing and spent with great company. Justin and I couldn't really ask for better friends. I know it is so hard for couples to meet 'couple' friends and Justin and I have been so lucky! Now if we could just get ALL of our friends back to eastern Oklahoma, we would be good! {hint, hint Mike and Shannan}

And a quick thanks to Grammie and Nana...Our Nanny's grandmother was in a car wreck and on life support. She needed to take the week off to be with her family. I have alot of work and meetings this week so I couldn't keep H alone. I can always count on the grandma's to pull through for us! They are both taking vacation from work to help us out! I cannot thank them enough! Justin and I really do appreciate all you do!

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Erin said...

love love love love love her 2nd swim suit oH me geee!!!!!!!!! it is wayyy too cute she is way too cute :)

sounds like a good weekend. I remember when we went cliff jumping A LONG TIME AGO :)

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