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Friday, July 30, 2010

hi and house cleaning

Not too much new! I went to the gym last night, daddy went fishing and Grammie kept Hadlea. Today, Nana is here watching Hadlea. After work today, we will be heading to Medford (where I am from and my parents live). We have pictures in the morning and a wedding in the evening. It will be a busy weekend! Sunday, we are back home to do laundry and pack for the beach! I swear I thought this beach trip would never come! Ha! We have been planning it for so long! I just need a little ocean in my though I haven't had enough water in the last few weeks! Daddy is staying home for this beach trip. This is a girls only, my mom, Hadlea, my Aunt Becky(Auntie B-my mom's sister), my cousin Michele and her daughter Anna Grace! This trip has been a long time in the making, and I just cannot stand to wait any longer! However, every time I think about it, I get sick to my stomach thinking about Hadlea on an airplane! If you have any tips for babies on an airplane, please let me know!!

And now onto a video...I am sure these are mostly for the grandparents! I do not know how many of you like to watch videos of Hadlea, but I think they are pretty funny! This video is from last weekend on the boat. Hadlea has been saying Hi for a week or so now. But I CANNOT get it on video! She was waving to her Aunt Shan on the boat when I picked up the camera and she stopped! You can see her doing one last wave when the camera comes on...SO LOOK QUICK! :)

HOUSE CLEANING. I hate it. I am sure everyone does. Justin and I have had someone clean our house for the past 5+ years. We happened to stumble on to a lady after we bought our very first home. She was cheap, SUPER cheap! And I wasn't about to pass it up. She has been with us all of these 5+ years. We moved 25 miles away into a different house, and she followed! She agreed to make the drive to clean our house. We ended up getting her more work where we live now so it has worked out well for the both of us! Anyway...I decided a few months ago that I could clean my own house. I mean, she can do it in 3-4 hours every two weeks, why can't I do a little at a time and save the money!? How hard could it be?? is HARD! Like EXTREMELY hard! I have no idea how you mom's, with multiple children and a full time job outside of your home, DO IT!? I work at  my house so I can do laundry during the day or clean a little on my lunch breaks...not like that happens, but it could! didn't! And I am super picky about my house being clean. I mean, because it is normally clean....and because I didn't have to do it and didn't want to, I made sure it stayed picked up between cleanings. So the other day a lady put a flyer on our door for cleaning. I JUMPED at the chance to try her out. I called a few of her reference. She sounded perfect! She came today and gave us an estimate. I figured she would be alot more and I wouldn't be able to use her, but I told her what I had in the past and she asked for $5 more a month...$5! That was it! I will skip my Sonic two times in a month to cover the $5! Ha! that will not really happen either, but I could if I needed to save the $5! I think I just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. She starts Tuesday...

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Erin said...

I so wish I could afford a cleaning lady.. I HATE CLEANING!

have a fun weekend and a fun beach trip. We are going to cali in the winter for my moms 60th and I can not wait!

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