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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

fourth of july weekend

I meant to set an automated post on the 4th, but I never got a chance! The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our freedom and celebrate all of those that have fought for our freedom. I have learned so much about other countries over the past few years, and it has always made me so grateful to live in the USA! I know I take it for granted at times, which is one thing I definitely need to improve on! I seen this on another blog, and I truly don't think truer words have ever been spoken...
Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you - Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

We didn't leave for the lake until Saturday morning, so Friday evening, while daddy was getting the boat ready, Hadlea and I played and packed! Hadlea has finally figured out the sippy cup...
and is loving it...
now if she can figure out that is has to be tipped up to drink it! :)
I shouldn't show these, but they are too amazing not to! Ha! Hadlea's Auntie B(my Aunt Becky) bought this swim suit from Chasing.Fireflies for our Florida trip coming up soon! We just got it in and I was trying them on her, and I couldn't resist..I HAD to take pictures! Oh they make me smile every time I see them!
On Saturday, we got up and around and headed to the lake! We went to Kaw Lake over by Ponca City, Oklahoma. My Uncle David and Aunt Brenda have a place over there and alot of my dad's family meets there. It is always so fun, and we get to see so many! On our way...
Can you see my two bottom teeth!?
The rain decided to ruin our lake plans! Thankfully David and Brenda have a huge shed that we could all hang out in. Hadlea got to spend some time with cousin Riley in the wagon. She was having so much fun! You can read about Riley and her momma, Krissy, here.
Here is how the boys spent their day!
Riley Kate and Conner Lane kicked back enjoying the ride!
Riley-1 year, Hadlea-7 months, Conner-6 months
This picture cracks me up!
Conner looks so big and relaxed!
Meeting cousin Averie Jo for the first time!
She was precious! Her hair is amazing!
Averie and cousin, Kelsey
We finally got Riley her 1st birthday present!
Hadlea getting some Grampie love!
How talented is my daughter!?
She can balance the ball on her feet!
She thought it was hilarious!
Playing with cousin TayTay!
Reading books with great-aunt Teresa!
Needless to say, Hadlea got ALOT of attention!
After playing a while in the shed, we headed to our motel with the indoor swimming pool! Hadlea had a good time with Grammie and daddy, but loved watching all of the little kids playing. She is so into other kids these days!
After swimming, we went back to David and Brenda's for a cookout. Hadlea got more cousin time, and so did I. We used to make it to Kaw several times a summer, but with Justin fishing more and more, we just do not make it. I realized how much I miss it! My family is just so amazing...and hilarious!

On Sunday, we went to church with Grammie and Grampie, had lunch, and headed home. We spent the day hanging out and went and bought fireworks. Hadlea was asleep by 8PM and was back up by 9PM, thanks to daddy and his love for black cats! She was NOT having the fireworks. She cried hard every time we heard one outside. We had her sound machine going and CMT turned up on the TV. It was crazy! At one point, we put her in the car and drove around hoping she would go to sleep, but no such luck! Ha! When we got back home, I just stood outside with her. One of the fireworks went off and she started crying. Once she seen it, she stopped and we spent the next hour outside watching them. She loved watching them. She jumped at every single one of them, but would smile when she seen them. We laughed at her after each one! She was just so funny! The neighborhood kids didn't stop until around midnight so it was 130AM before we were all in bed asleep! Nice!
I love this picture!
I just wish I knew what she was saying to Berkley!
On Monday, Hadlea slept until 1045AM! It was amazing! Justin had left to fish at 4AM so once she got up, we went for a walk and just played! She was in such a good mood!
She LOVES Sophie!
This is Hadlea checking herself out in the mirror. She does this every time she sits in this thing! She talks, laughs, smiles, screams at herself. It is beyond anything I have ever seen. I posted somewhat of a video below!
And this is her giving herself a kiss in the mirror!
The video...
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It is always a special one.


Erin said...

I think we should swap some clothes! Gosh we have the same taste in clothing I think. That swim suit is to DIE FOR!!!!!

Love all the pictures, looks like a fun 4th!

momof3girls said...

love your pics! And love, love,love flower bottoms!!! They are so cute, they rock!

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