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Friday, July 02, 2010

family night...

I didn't blog yesterday due to the moment of Silence for Cohen's family. I thought about them a million times yesterday. I just hope that everyone's thoughts and prayers gave them some peace. I checked the blog where you could link up your Cohen post and there were almost 700 links posted. I am sure there were more that didn't link up! Just think how many thoughts and prayers they received through the day of people checking those blogs that linked up. It just gives me chills. The blog world is like a world wide prayer is SO amazing!

On Wednesday night, my BIL, SIL, niece and nephew came over for supper. My niece and nephew, Hannah and Riley, might be the funniest kids I have ever met! Also the best mannered kids I have ever met...but they know manners can go out the door at Aunt Hova's house! :) (Hova is what they call me. Riley could not say Heather when he was little and it has since stuck! And I love it!) Here are me and my two babies waiting on them to arrive!
And baby girl playing with her daddy!
And playing with her lion!
She looks too big in this picture!
It is hard to believe her feet can touch the ground!
And finally, they arrive!
Hadlea LOVES Riley!
And obviously he loves her enough to let her bite his nose!
We decided to take a few pictures in the yard!
Riley is getting too big/tall!
Hannah is so beautiful and her hair is amazing!
Hadlea...needs to learn to smile and not play in the grass! :)
While I was cooking dinner, Hannah made brownies!
She is hilarious!
The boys played the playstation.
Riley is becoming rather competitive like his Aunt Hova.
He kept telling Justin to eat his dust. They were racing 4wheelers!

I just thought this picture was hilarious!
Being with the kids is never long enough!
I miss them so much!
Hopefully things slow down so they can stay the night soon!

We are counting down the hours to head to the lake for the 4th!
Come on 3-day weekend!!


Kelly said...

Cute pictures! Kenzie has the same little brown flower outfit and I love it. Hadlea is a doll!

Erin said...

love that little outfit. Avin has it too :)

Super cute pictures of the 3 of them.

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