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Thursday, July 08, 2010

another win and sickness

There are some amazing business owners out there these days! I cannot believe the number of blogs that are doing giveaways, and with that, the number of businesses that are giving away. I love it because I am on a winning role! Ha! I won the soft lips chap stick (which is about a year's worth for me), I won the H wooden zebra print block, I have won a wall decal (which I really need to get up so I can get a picture) and now I have won these little floral and cream chenille bib and burp cloth set  from Emmi Lee Designs. I think they are just adorable! And thanks to Lyndsie at Lyndsie Gives Away for all of the giveaways! If you do not check either of these sites, you must start!
And on a much lower note...Hadlea is just not feeling herself. She hasn't been since Monday. She is snotty, sneezey and coughing her head off. I am hoping this 'cold' passes quickly! I am ready for her 12 hours of sleep to be back to normal! Ha!
Get better baby have a 7 month old birthday tomorrow! :)


Erin said...

Lucky that you are winning so much :) How exciting.

Hope she is feeling better.

Emily said...

I'm sorry that Hadlea is feeling sick -- get better sweet girl!

You're such a lucky one to win so much! You should play the lotto!!

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