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Friday, July 30, 2010

hi and house cleaning

Not too much new! I went to the gym last night, daddy went fishing and Grammie kept Hadlea. Today, Nana is here watching Hadlea. After work today, we will be heading to Medford (where I am from and my parents live). We have pictures in the morning and a wedding in the evening. It will be a busy weekend! Sunday, we are back home to do laundry and pack for the beach! I swear I thought this beach trip would never come! Ha! We have been planning it for so long! I just need a little ocean in my though I haven't had enough water in the last few weeks! Daddy is staying home for this beach trip. This is a girls only, my mom, Hadlea, my Aunt Becky(Auntie B-my mom's sister), my cousin Michele and her daughter Anna Grace! This trip has been a long time in the making, and I just cannot stand to wait any longer! However, every time I think about it, I get sick to my stomach thinking about Hadlea on an airplane! If you have any tips for babies on an airplane, please let me know!!

And now onto a video...I am sure these are mostly for the grandparents! I do not know how many of you like to watch videos of Hadlea, but I think they are pretty funny! This video is from last weekend on the boat. Hadlea has been saying Hi for a week or so now. But I CANNOT get it on video! She was waving to her Aunt Shan on the boat when I picked up the camera and she stopped! You can see her doing one last wave when the camera comes on...SO LOOK QUICK! :)

HOUSE CLEANING. I hate it. I am sure everyone does. Justin and I have had someone clean our house for the past 5+ years. We happened to stumble on to a lady after we bought our very first home. She was cheap, SUPER cheap! And I wasn't about to pass it up. She has been with us all of these 5+ years. We moved 25 miles away into a different house, and she followed! She agreed to make the drive to clean our house. We ended up getting her more work where we live now so it has worked out well for the both of us! Anyway...I decided a few months ago that I could clean my own house. I mean, she can do it in 3-4 hours every two weeks, why can't I do a little at a time and save the money!? How hard could it be?? is HARD! Like EXTREMELY hard! I have no idea how you mom's, with multiple children and a full time job outside of your home, DO IT!? I work at  my house so I can do laundry during the day or clean a little on my lunch breaks...not like that happens, but it could! didn't! And I am super picky about my house being clean. I mean, because it is normally clean....and because I didn't have to do it and didn't want to, I made sure it stayed picked up between cleanings. So the other day a lady put a flyer on our door for cleaning. I JUMPED at the chance to try her out. I called a few of her reference. She sounded perfect! She came today and gave us an estimate. I figured she would be alot more and I wouldn't be able to use her, but I told her what I had in the past and she asked for $5 more a month...$5! That was it! I will skip my Sonic two times in a month to cover the $5! Ha! that will not really happen either, but I could if I needed to save the $5! I think I just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. She starts Tuesday...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

diamonds...a girls best friend Hadlea might not have new diamonds in yet, but she does have some new bling! Grammie, Nana and I took Hadlea to get her ears pierced yesterday. I have been meaning to do them since she was born. I guess taking 7+ months to actually do it isn't too bad! Ha! It took me all day to make the appointment. Once I did, I was so nervous and sweating like crazy! I KNEW she would cry, and I just couldn't believe I was making an appointment for something that would cause her to scream like a mad woman! But beauty is pain, right?! :)
How adorable is this?!
Here is how our journey went...
Grammie, Hadlea and I headed to Okmulgee to meet Nana at Yours Truly.
(I had been planning to get them done somewhere in Tulsa, but I was set on finding a place that pierced them two at a time. I called 20+ salons that did not do them two at a time. I even called tattoo and piercing parlors...crazy, I know! I did find two places in the mall, which you can probably guess, that did it two at a time but only on the weekends when they have two people working. I just couldn't imagine getting them done on a weekend when the mall was FULL. I had no idea how long OR LOUD she would scream! So this is the reason we headed to Okmulgee.)
Hadlea and Grammie waiting to get started!
And Nana showed up and held Hadlea as she got her ears cleaned off!
Hadlea getting her ears marked! And she is eating a sucker! I had the bright idea of bribing her with a sucker before and after! Is that mean?! :) We gave her the sucker while she got her ears marked. Once they were ready, I took the sucker away, Grammie held her arms down and the two girls from the salon shot her ears! She did scream! :( I grabbed her and headed out the door to go outside. This was maybe 5 steps away. By the time we got to the door she looked down and see the sucker in my hand. She stopped crying and opened her mouth for the sucker! That was more crying! I think the sucker was a success! I was a nervous wreck! I think I was still shaking several hours later!
But we both survived!
Grammie, Hadlea and Nana!
It makes me feel so good that they were both there to share this memory! I know Hadlea will ask when, where and how she got her ears pierced just like I have. It will be so good to tell her that both of her grandma's were able to be there!
After the piercing was over, Grammie, Hadlea and I headed to Tulsa to shop for our upcoming beach trip. Grammie and I got a few new clothes. Ms H does NOT need one more outfit! I have clothes running out of my ears for her. (My fault, I know! And so many of you are probably saying, "I told you so!") :) I am trying to get her through all of her 6 month summer stuff before it gets cold!
So after shopping, we stopped at Chili's for dinner. This is how my daughter sits in a high chair!
Yep, one foot up on the side! I have no idea how she doesn't fall over. And she sets like this the entire time. People do notice! :) She was in such a great mood! She was 'talking' aka 'squealing' to everyone that walked by. It does get embarrassing too! And she got so loud at one point that she got the attention of the people next to us...
Meet Courtney. :) Her and her mom were out for a mother/daughter dinner and got seated right next to us. Thankfully they were not regretting it and wanted to play with H!

Today is Grammie's last day to watch H. She has to go home tonight and Nana will be in tomorrow to watch her. For lunch today, Hadlea and I needed to go get adjusted at Aunt Amanda's office. I just had to get a few more pictures with those new ears! I am so in love! Why did it take me 7+ months?! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MIA & another lake weekend...

Sorry I have been MIA the last few days! We had an excellent weekend and the last few days have been crazy! I know some of you have been checking the blog non-stop for our weekend pictures...and all I have to say is "maybe you need a hobby"! Ha! Just Kidding! I am kind of flattered that people check the ol' 'Huskey Happenings' to see what we are up to! I started this blog way back in 2005 as a way of documenting things for Justin and I. I didn't stick with it on a regular basis, but once Hadlea came along, I wanted to make sure I had everything documented that she was doing! I hope one day we can look back at each post and laugh at the things she did, show her how blessed and loved she is/was and all of the fun things she has done along her path in life! Thanks so much for following our journey. I really do not think that we are all that interesting, but some of you must! :)

This might have been our last lake weekend for a few weeks, which makes me very sad! (even though we will be heading to the beach next week {YEAH} i just cannot stand the thought of not being on the lake.) Anyway...Michael, Shannan, Kennedy and Brynlee headed down to Oklahoma from Kansas City. Michael's parents live on Lake Tenkiller in eastern Oklahoma. They were kind enough to invite us to stay at their house as we normally camp or get a cabin. It was such a great weekend, and they always go too fast! Here is our crew heading out on the water...
KK, Mike, Hadlea, Shannan, Justin, Me Brynlee
Brynlee, Hadlea and Auntie Shan(hadlea's godmother)
Justin getting a little help driving from B!
and from KK!
Aunt Shannan and Hadlea
Daddy Mike and his girls
KK, Hadlea and Shan watching the cliff jumpers...
These kids are crazy! Although I know I would have done it a few years ago!
Saturday evening, we had a cookout at Michael's parents. Michael's brother, SIL and nephew came, along with Shannan's parents. We had the best Ribs and Wine-A-Rita's! I have never had a Wine-A-Rita and if you haven't, you should! They seriously are amazing! You can see them here. And no headache the next morning that wine normally gives me! Ha! 
Sunday morning we got up and headed back to the lake! Hadlea is about to fall off of her chair in this picture, but Brynlee's smile was just too cute!
Hadlea on the boat!
Kisses from Auntie Shan
KK getting ready to go in the water!
Ms B getting some sun! :)
Hadlea playing with her toys! She wasn't so much into the water like she normally is! Maybe she needs a break after her 3rd weekend at the lake!
And did you notice something new about Hadlea?! She has her very first pigtail/ponytail! I just think it is the cutest thing ever! Oh how I look forward to the days of pigtails! I love them so much on little girls! Hopefully she will love to have her hair done! Hopefully! Ha!
The weekend was amazing and spent with great company. Justin and I couldn't really ask for better friends. I know it is so hard for couples to meet 'couple' friends and Justin and I have been so lucky! Now if we could just get ALL of our friends back to eastern Oklahoma, we would be good! {hint, hint Mike and Shannan}

And a quick thanks to Grammie and Nana...Our Nanny's grandmother was in a car wreck and on life support. She needed to take the week off to be with her family. I have alot of work and meetings this week so I couldn't keep H alone. I can always count on the grandma's to pull through for us! They are both taking vacation from work to help us out! I cannot thank them enough! Justin and I really do appreciate all you do!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

a new baby & a sick baby

Meet...Briggs Allen Madera
Born...Friday, July 23, 2010
7lbs 10oz 20 1/4 inches long
Briggs belongs to one of my very best friends, Deanna. I met Deanna in college and we became instant friends. She was in my wedding and no matter if I talk to her daily, weekly or monthly, we can always pick up right where we left off. Deanna also has a 10 year old daughter, Courtney...who might be one of the cutest girls ever! Here is Deanna at one of my baby showers for Hadlea...
And here we are with the guys and Ms H on our recent trip to Arkansas!
We are so glad all is well with momma and baby! We cannot wait to meet that sweet boy and see the rest of the family!
Another prayer cousin Krissy's little girl, Riley Kate, has E Coli. She is at Children's hospital in Oklahoma City. Her platelets are low and they need to get them elevated before Riley can go home. Please say a prayer for Riley, Krissy and their family. Everyone is so worried about Riley, and we hope she starts to get better very soon! You can also send a message to Krissy here. We love you Riley Kate!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Is she crawling?? & more

So I don't really want to be the mom that thinks her kid can do everything just because it might have 'accidentally' happened once or twice. I just never know when to write down that Hadlea did stuff! She might have put the pacifier in her mouth once or twice before she could actually do it all of the time, but chances are it was just stuck on her finger and her finger just happened to be somewhere near her mouth! :) I would like to say Hadlea is crawling, but she doesn't do it full time. She will move her arms and knees a few times and then fall to her belly. Although she can push herself back up into sitting position and go again! Justin and I cannot get enough of it! It is just too hilarious....See for yourself. Is she crawling?
We took these pictures Wednesday night before taking dinner to G and Taran. It is definitely not a night I would like to remember, but sweet girl was in a great mood and I was taking full advantage!
She thinks her daddy is really funny!
When we got home that evening, we played in the floor. This is when I got the video of her crawling. She loves to spend time in the floor where she is free to roam...or watch her brother!
She also pulled herself up against the recliner. However, I could not get her to do it again! Figures!
Last night when I got home from the gym, daddy made dinner and we played outside! She loves to sit on the sidewalk and dig her fingers into the concrete. It is almost disturbing!
Justin started calling Hadlea Chunky Monkey the moment she was born. I can bet that she is called Monkey more times in a day then she is called Hadlea. And I guess this is proof there is a reason for everything! She has to put her feet up on everything!
We played ball with Berkley while we were outside...
and wore him out enough that he went in and went to sleep on the clean clothes!
And one more video. These have to be my favorite!
Daddy and his baby girl. She just cannot get enough of him!
Have a great weekend! We are off to the....yes, LAKE! :) Our very best friends are in from Kansas City and I cannot wait to get to them! Lots of pictures to come! Stay Safe!
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