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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

whats at the dr's office?

So what is at the doctor's office that instantly makes your child sick-less and happy?! Ha! Hadlea hasn't been sleeping well that past 5 nights. Yesterday, she started getting a runny nose, congestion and cough. I had been giving her Motrin, but she seemed to be getting worse. This afternoon her congestion sounded worse so I called the dr. They had me bring her in. I told them she had been fussier than normal, wasn't sleeping, runny nose, congestion, wheezy breathing, etc. But as the doctor walked in, you would have thought she was perfectly healthy! She was so happy, squealing and laughing at everything the dr said! Anyway, they say it could be the beginning of an ear infection or teething. We are watching her until Friday. If she isn't better or getting worse, we will start an antibiotic. If she is getting better, than we will assume it was teething.
waiting for the doctor...happy as can be...
i think i am going to buy a roll of this paper for the house. she loved it!
She was 14.3 lbs. I swear she is going to be small forever! We seen a new dr since they squeazed us in, and she even made a comment about how tiny in weight she was, but how long her torso was. We definitely cannot say it is because she doesn't eat...we are up to eating baby food 2x a jar for lunch and 1 and a half for supper. She eats like her father!
get well baby girl. we don't do sickness at our house! :)

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Bonnie said...

She is such a sweetie pie! Jarrett was doing the same thing & it's hard b/c you can't do much for them at that age. BUT, I bought some of the Johnson & Johnson Vapor Bath & the Vick's Baby Rub. Both helped him breathe a lot better. Also, another tip that a few people gave me...put the Vick's Baby Rub on the her feet at night & then put socks on. I don't know how it helped, but it really seemed to! Also, clean out the nose well & a humidifier sometimes helps :)

<3 Bon

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