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Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend recap #543

I can never find time during the weekend to blog so I seem to always do a recap on Sunday or Monday! Sorry...but it always makes for alot of pictures,and I am sure most of you are more interested in those than what we are actually doing anyway! Ha! Let's start with Thursday. Here is daddy and his baby girl about to go shopping! I went to the gym and they were going to go find something for Justin's boat and a sound machine. They started at Academy where Justin kept trying to call me(while I was at the gym) to see what size of shoe she wore. He was wanting to get her a pair of pink Chuck Taylor's and a pair of Pumas. Since I didn't answer, he didn't get either! But I thought it was sweet of him to think of her! :) They ended up finding the sound machine at Bed Bath and Beyond. It has been heaven! She is sleeping and napping so much better! Hoping I am not jinxing it!
i love this picture!
After gym and their shopping trip, we ate and gave Hadlea a bath. We started using the sprayer that came with Hadlea's tub and she loves it!
Or she lives to lick the water!

Friday morning Hadlea and Michael played with the balloons from her party!
Friday evening, we went to the horse races. Hadlea was so good! She loved all of the movement/people and attention! She also loved her green beans! :)
Saturday morning, we had Hadlea's 6 month pictures. I am so anxious to get them I always am! I have no patience when it comes to pictures! We had the same girl do them that did her amazing 3 month pictures. We did them outside, and Hadlea was really more interested in the grass than in the pictures. I am so praying for some good ones! Hopefully you will be seeing them soon!
After pictures, we came home to change and then went out to run some errand and do a little shopping.
I loved this brown outfit!
my babies...
wanting the camera...
before we left for shopping!
After shopping, Justin left for his fishing tournament, and Hadlea and I headed to the pool with Aunt Amanda. The water was cold and it was raining off and on. Aunt A had bought Hadlea this little frog pool so we put her in it inside the pool. She thought it was so fun! She was just laughing and smiling the entire time!
After swimming we came home for dinner and a bath. H wasn't that sleepy after her bath so we went outside for a swing.
And to play fetch with Berkley. Hadlea loves to watch and laughs as Berkley runs back with the ball.

Today(Sunday), Justin had his tournament. They caught some fish, but not enough to place. Boo! But baby girl and I had a great day! We played all morning and then went to Wal-Mart. We got her some fruit to put in her mesh teether. Here she is eating a banana. She laughed/screamed the entire time!

And washed it down with some apple juice/water in her new sippy cup from Grammie!

Because she was such a mess from the banana, I took her bath tub outside and let her 'swim'! She loves it outside and had so much fun!

After swimming, eating and a nap, daddy was about home so we took the walker in the drive-way to see how she did. One of Justin's friends gave us this walker when I was pregnant. This was her first time in it and did great! She could go anywhere she long as she was going backwards! Ha!

look at those legs!
It was a good weekend and so nice to have daddy back home. Justin, Hadlea and Berkley are all playing in the floor right now while I am uploading this. They just make me laugh...better go join them!

Quick video from the bathtub the other night. She loves to lick that water!
Hadlea has her 6 month checkup tomorrow so we will be back with her stats!


Erin said...

I love your recaps!! I love your pictures . . I wish we lived closer so I could be apart of your weekends!!

Hope he catches more fish next time.

Bonnie said...

She is so cute! Jarrett loves to lick the water too. Does she like that walker? I was thinking about getting Jarrett one.

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