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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Completely out of blog titles! :) Grammie was supposed to go home last night, but Justin convinced her to stay another night so he could fish! Imagine that! There is a jackpot he has been wanting to fish on Thursday nights, but that is the night I go to the gym, and I am not about to give that up for him to go fishing! So...she is still here! Since she stayed last night, Justin put some steaks on the grill and grammie made potatoes and corn. It was SO good! While getting it all ready, Hadlea did a little swinging...
and a little swimming!
She loves the water. Whether it be the bath, the pool or the lake! She just cannot get enough of it! But what does she like more than the water...her brother! She can never take her eyes off of him!
and she loves to make noise and splash around to get her brother all bent out of shape!
After dinner and a bath, Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda came over. They are so good about coming to see her! Hadlea is starting to recognize them and go straight to them! I just love it! I have such a good relationship with some of my aunts/uncles that I want Hadlea to have the same!
Sleepy girl...but still play time!
Today, I worked and grammie and Hadlea played. We had our house sprayed over lunch so I had made plans to meet some friends for lunch. Grammie took Hadlea to see Aunt Amanda, bought her some new bows and then met us for lunch! I thought Hadlea looked so adorable today! And so did everyone in Charleston's where we ate! She just cracks me up! I swear we could make a book out of all of her expressions!
grammie and her girl!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! I am so ready for the weekend and some lake time!


Emily said...

I love her piggy PJs! I adore my little boy, but girls, hands down, have the cutest clothes and accessories!

I also know exactly what you mean about being excited to get things in the mail. It doesn't matter how boring it is -- I love to get packages in the mail!

Erin said...

love the grammie picture!! Super cute :) I also love the picture of her on her belly in the pool ha ha too cute!

Jennifer said...

Ady and I had to stop by and look at Hadlea! Max is the same way when Ady is running around playing. He's a nervous mess! Grammie and H both look GREAT in that color! Love and miss you guys!

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