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Friday, June 25, 2010

walking & arkansas

The nanny is out sick today so Hadlea is at home with me! Yeah! It is very hard to work, but I do manage and I love days like today! She has been so funny! She has also slept ALOT, which helps! She went to bed last night at 9PM, woke up at 730AM, ate, back to sleep at 845AM, woke back up at 11AM, ate and was back to sleep my 230PM! She is cutting her second bottom tooth so it must be alot of work! :) We did manage to take a walk somewhere between 11AM and 2PM. Our little black dog, as Justin calls him, doesn't do so well in the heat! We didn't even make it half way through our normal walk, and he started stopping for me to carry him. And I wasn't about to carry the hairy thing in 100 degree I loaded him in the stroller! He loved it! I put him under the shade and he just looked around. Hadlea could not stop turning around to look at him! I laughed the rest of the time we walked! He is just so funny!
Any of you girls from Fayetteville area??
I may be coming that way for the weekend!
On my must do list....
eat on Dickson St and have cake at Ricks Bakery
Obviously my diet and exercise isn't going to do well!! :)
Have a great weekend!

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